Team Building


Save the Titanic Teambuilding Challenge

Most companies are unable to teach the value of team building because it is presented through boring written material or a presentation that doesn’t allow for interaction – which is the basis of teamwork!  Our team building activity is the solution: a highly-engaging simulation that incorporates team bonding and collaborating to improve interpersonal relationship skills. Read More


Team Naturally

Using colour as a metaphor, teams develop a powerful and memorable framework for understanding each other and improving team dynamics! Read More


Bridge the Gap

Do you see the unified focus and energy needed to drive performance? Your team may be performing well as individuals, but you know that together they could take your business to the next level if they just all got on the same page. Read More

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Communication Skills


Communicate Naturally

Imagine the extraordinary results of a team that understands communication so well they have thriving and profitable relationships with colleagues and clients alike. Read More


Meetings that Produce Results

Poor communication can sink meetings and limit results. Follow a clear framework, understand what makes a meeting effective, and achieve new levels of productivity. Research indicates that over 50 percent of business meeting time is wasted. This means less results from the meetings themselves and wasted time that could be used in productive work. No wonder employees and managers resent using time at meetings. Billions of dollars are wasted every year as a result of ineffective meetings. Implementing a proven methodology and effective behaviors are the key components for your meetings to produce results. Read More

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Leadership Development

The Million Dollar Leadership Challenge

If you believe in leadership and want leaders NOT “leadership development”, then this is the program for you! Invest in your leaders and receive a big return – a million dollars in profit. Leadership is about creating other leaders AND creating results. This challenge requires leaders to achieve a quantifiable impact on business goals by cutting through your personal resistance, your teams’ resistance, and project resistance to achieve results – the true measure of a leader and their leadership! “Engaging in results-based, rather than reasons-based conversations changes the game of leadership.” – Doug Bolger, Chief Learning Officer, Learn2 Read More

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Sales Skills


Sell Naturally

Imagine a sales force that individualizes their approach to different personality types and leaves customers feeling understood, connected, and ready to sign the deal! Read More

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Employee Engagement


Employee Engagement Survey with Implementation Support

Need to Measure Employee Engagement? No organization can afford to ignore the benefits of engaged employees:

  • 4.2 times more likely to deliver above average profits
  • 12% higher sales and engaged employees deliver more loyal customers
  • 18% higher productivity (a DAY per week!)
  • 3.5 fewer sick days
Read More


Dream Big Leadership Program

How can I turn my dreams into realistic and attainable goals? Dream Big™ stresses the importance of character, integrity and hard work exemplified by Tiger Woods and uses him as a role model to help young people set their own goals. Read More

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Strategy Implementation


Board Effectiveness Training

The governing board is ultimately responsible for the well being of the association or organization it governs. In this program, Board Leaders use reflection, discussion, and interactive exercises to examine how they get results, lead actions and commitments, and ultimately strengthen their ability to move the association or organization they represent forward. Read More


HR Strategy / HR Effectiveness

HR strategy is often an afterthought, or an “if we have the time” exercise focused primarily on meeting legislative compliance. When proper thought is not given to crafting a HR strategy, companies miss out on reaching the full potential of staff performance. If your company is regularly wasting valuable time and financial resources replacing existing skills and experience then this program is for you. Read More

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Training Programs


Creativity Training

How often have you wished that you had the ability to look at problems from a different vantage point and get a whole new insight on the problem at hand? Another perspective. A new view of the “same ol’ problem”. Get ready to have both halves of your brain get together in this exciting series of exercises designed to give a new understanding of creative problem solving. Read More


Customer Insights Training

Sales are a core activity for most organizations. How well does your organization understand your target market?  Are there new target markets to explore? What are your target’s priority service and product requirements? How do you position yourselves in light of these and what does your organization offer that outperforms the competition? Revealing these secrets is the key to this award-winning program, and an exceptional means to drive sales and bolster any bottom line. Read More


Process & Work Flow Improvement Training

This learning experience helps you Drive the Flow of work within your team, and your own environment.  It takes you on a thought-provoking, high speed race against the internal barriers that restrict your top performance when managing and improving workflow. Read More

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Outdoor Team building


Team Building Outdoor Races

Inspired the incredibly popular Amazing Race, this teambuilding adventure includes all the excitement of a TV reality show along with a strong corporate team development dynamic! Read More


Pirates Pursuit Team Race

Inspired by CBS’s Amazing Race, this adventure combines the excitement of a reality TV race with a strong corporate team building dynamic! Read More

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Instructional Design


Accelerated Learning Program

We can become trainers and facilitators to make a difference. We start out excited and apprehensive – wanting the learning to make a difference. We realize quickly that not all learners arrive ready to learn. We realize that course designers are more committed to content than learning. We worry that perhaps we don’t have what it takes. We innovate and modify to make content and conversations fit together in compressed timeframes. We work so hard and care so much yet no matter what we do, many learners leave without creating impact from learning generated and learning as much as they could.   Read More


Redesigned Retail Training Programs

“The results of our custom-designed training programs allowed us to have the largest customer uptake in Home Phone ever. Every channel delivered record-setting results and helped us overtake our competition.” – Chief Marketing Officer, Rogers Communications Read More


Meeting Design Training

50% of business meeting time is wasted. Organizations invest heavily in staff time, travel, hotels and food then attempt to save on meeting design that delivers the ROI on the investment. Read More

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Retail Training


Redesigned Retail Training Programs

“The results of our custom-designed training programs allowed us to have the largest customer uptake in Home Phone ever. Every channel delivered record-setting results and helped us overtake our competition.” – Chief Marketing Officer, Rogers Communications Read More

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