Lead the Endurance – Leadership Development

Typically, companies are not capable of creating leaders and efforts to “teach” leadership often fall short. Rapid leadership development requires insight and practice in actual situations. Our Lead the Endurance program has helped countless companies instill the core elements of leadership into employees, resulting in increased engagement, improved morale and bankable assets.

This highly-memorable simulation experience is based on the incredible survival story of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s historic expedition.  The explorer and his crew of 27 men were trapped on the polar ice for years – creating the greatest leadership story ever! Complete with lanterns, inventory lists and a constant stream of new developments in the plot, teams are immersed in an Antarctic adventure, circa 1914, where they will face challenges that force them into high speed and complex decision-making processes.

Lead the Endurance helps uncover leadership potential in your team and immediately enriches existing leadership skills such as delegation, priority creation, resource allocation, long-term thinking and the ability to see the big picture. Your team has never had a leadership development experience like this.