About Learn2

For over 28 years, Learn2 has empowered leaders and teams to change the way they work. Learn2 takes away podiums, PowerPoint, and removes the teaching from the learning equation. Learn2’s approach puts you, the participants, in the driver’s seat. You learn by doing. You interact with other participants and your facilitator to create best practices that enable us all to achieve more with less effort.

Instead of having to absorb information from a lecture, you become an active participant in a hands-on learning experience.


Clear Path Conversion

Paired with a Solutions Leader or Learning Strategist, this 20 minute conversation helps you clarify what you need to get results.

Results Road Map

Provides a clear vision of how you will achieve results through learning options connected to your world.

Program Design

A customized learning program is designed around your culture, context and outcomes with direct input and collaboration from you to maximize results.

The Main Event

An experiential and interactive solution is brought to life through on-site delivery. Collaboration and team engagement drives real results with direct application to your world.

Results Accelerator

Identify your tools, strategies and next steps to reinforce the learning and achieve sustainable results.

Now the choice is yours. 

Choose to invest

Email Doug Bolger and say “Let’s Chat” or “Send me a Proposal”.

What happens next? We have a Clear Path Conversation call and prepare a proposal.

You say YES! to the proposal as is, or give feedback on what else you would like to see!

Next, we would move to an Agreement and all the paperwork.

Get prepared by getting clear on your business goals and your people outcome.

  1. What business goals do you want?
  2. When do you want the business goals by?
  3. How do you want your leaders + teams to work differently?
  4. What team or leadership or culture outcomes do you want?
  5. What else have you done to achieve those team outcomes in the past?