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Communication Skills Training Programs

Communication is the key to relationship management, sales and productivity. Our Learn2 Communication Skills Training programs will elevate the way your team members work together and, equally as important, how they engage with your customers and clients.

Build Effective Communication and Engagement Skills 

Effective communications skills are the foundation of every successful team. Learn how to streamline open, authentic, and effective communication through Learn2’s specially designed communication skills courses. Learn how effective communication skills enhances the return on investment on initiatives, while authentic communication facilitates the ability to balance people and profit. Our programming prioritizes both of these fundamental skills to generate truly exceptional, sustainable results. We look forward to working with you and your team to determine how our unique professional development workshops can best serve your business and your bottom line.

How our Communication Skills Training Works

At Learn2, we offer workshops that directly target our clients’ communication skills, listening skills, and interpersonal skills. Each communication workshop or training session addresses various communication challenges, within the workplace, through interactive teaching tactics. Rather than relying on abstract concepts, our workshops explore communication strategies, get people thinking, moving and acting out realistic scenarios that prepare them to approach difficult situations with a newfound confidence and ease.


Communication Skills Programs & Team Training

The Naturally Series icon

The Naturally Series

Get the power to counter objections, position you against competitors, and reinforce team unity with the vision of your company with our fully immersive leadership communication workshops.

Communicate Naturally: Communication Skills Workshop for Employees by Learn2


When your employees are on the same page, processes run smoothly. Enhance internal communication to improve operations and output.

Meeting that Produce Results Leadership Development Program by Learn2


Poor communication can sink meetings and limit results. Learn how to make meetings count to maximize engagement and ROI.

Handle Resistance Naturally


Empower your employees to handle resistance more effectively to increase confidence, competence and relationship-building.

Inspire the Future: Strategic Planning Workshop by Learn2


Engage your team in strategic planning for the future of your company utilizing research-based best practices & lived experiences of experts.

Learn2 Lead the Endurance Leadership Development Challenge


This leadership development course will help you uncover leadership potential in your team.

Improv training to improve communication - Learn2


Communication effects every aspect of your business. Improve it with Learn2 to improve company relationships, processes and retention.

FAQs on Communication Skills Programs

Are these team training programs built using a prebuilt formula or are they customized to my organization?

At Learn2, we know all businesses are not built the same – nor do they have like-minded people at the helm of their initiatives. That’s why, we ensure each communication training workshop is customized to reflect the situations and attitudes that define your business’s challenges, opportunities, and communication process. While each professional development training focus brings with it core principles, we will never try to address your unique circumstances with inflexible formulaic solutions.

Are the benefits of this communication skills course short lived or do you offer anything to extend them?

That last thing we want is for your team to finish their sessions and return to work, only to return to old habits that inhibit growth. After your sessions are complete, you will meet with a Learn2 program facilitator and go through all that took place during your training programs. You will work together to identify additional opportunities to enhance organizational communication by building on fundamental skills. Your team members will also be encouraged to extend their learning by taking advantage of our post-experience professional development tools.

What level of participation is required from those who partake in the communication skills training modules?

Our programs get your leaders and employees moving. These are not lecture-style professional development courses, they are action-oriented, high-impact learning opportunities that energize and engage all who participate. This means, you and your staff can anticipate lots of dialogue and role play while exploring types of communication, that elevates the teachings from one-off tips and tricks to fully internalized guiding principles.

What do I need to prepare for this communication building program to maximize its impact?

What we ask for from our leaders is a minimum of 30 minutes, prior to the sessions, to talk with our facilitators about the specific challenges they want to address. However, leading up to that important conversation, we would highly recommend a strategic planning exercise to ensure you and your leadership team are on the same page regarding professional development and communication management priorities. The clearer your goals are, the more easily we will be able to help you achieve them.

What are the costs associated with this Learn2’s communication skills training courses?

The answer to this common question is that it depends. Our pricing reflects the type of programming that best aligns with your organization and may be affected by things like the number of participants and programs you wish to engage with. We will work with you to set a budget that works for your company’s current circumstances, so you can reap the rewards of this proven programming within your desired budget.

If you want your business to be successful, on a sustainable basis, you need to prioritize effective communication. Enable your key stakeholders to better understand and more effectively implement communication best practices to enhance every aspect of your organization.  

Jumpstart Your Team’s Communication

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