Team Transformation Program

Program Awards:

Rekindle inspiration about the future

Perhaps the most daunting challenge an organization can face is that of change. To employees change can appear like a major obstacle leaving them resentful, angry, apathetic, and ultimately unproductive. Companies and their employees can go months, years even, before realizing the effect of change on their forward progress. Change appears to many like a blank white wall – impossible to break through, full of resignation and devoid of solutions. Enter Change Walls To Doors™ – an opportunity to break through walls, move beyond the past, rekindle inspiration about the future, and create choice from change.

Team Transformation Program Description:

In this experience participants are literally confronted with four white walls – which they will ultimately cover. The walls and the exercises between them are designed to target specific learning outcomes. When the walls have been filled, the group steps back and reviews them in their entirety – to see for themselves how they created doors out of walls.

Ideal for interventions for organizations in crisis, as a quantum leap management team meeting, or for a branding exercise, this versatile experience engages participants in their business and connects them to possibilities.