Learn2 helps leaders and teams grow results.

Founded in 1989, Learn2 focuses on human performance. Yes, our clients win awards for the learning and engagement best practices we design for them. Who doesn’t want business-relevant, hands-on programs that achieve lasting behavior change. So your program gets explicitly configured to your participants, your culture, your values and your outcomes so much so that, we become an extension of your team.

Learn2 Services

Award Winning Programs

Programs designed to create long-term, sustainable, positive transformations within your team and organization.

Women in Leadership & Business Community Conference

Learn more about the Women in Leadership and Business (WILB) and Born2Lead (B2L) Communities.


The Naturally Series

The Naturally Series helps improve your ability to communicate naturally with others.

Professional Development Resources

Resources, guides and tools to help increase the success of your business and drive results.

Looking for answers? Look no further!

Our happy clients

“If you want to build high performing teams it’s not just about the content, it’s about the people. Learn2 helped really see the strengths, the conflicts,  the roadblocks and helped develop a communication path to success.”

Dr. Ivan Joseph

Ryerson University

“One of the greatest achievements when I was at Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre is that we had a 4-year strategic plan and we achieved 96% of our plan within time and budget.  A lot of that is because of the tools that Learn2 gave us to be able to develop this plan. “

Andrée Robichaud

Scarborough and Rouge Hospital

Our Capacity Builder Process

Outstanding results require a disciplined process. Learn2 developed the Capacity Builder Process which consists of:

Clear Path Conversation

Paired with a Solutions Leader or Learning Strategist, this 20 minute conversation helps you clarify what you need to get results.

Results Road Map

Provides a clear vision of how you will achieve results through learning options connected to your world.

Program Design

A customized learning program is designed around your culture, context and outcomes with direct input and collaboration from you to maximize results.

The Main Event

An experiential and interactive solution is brought to life through on-site delivery. Collaboration and team engagement drives real results with direct application to your world.

Results Accelerator

Identify your tools, strategies and next steps to reinforce the learning and achieve sustainable results.

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Transformed Clients

You want ownership. That means you want engagement. You want input from your team. You want tools to become mindsets.

You require better prepared consultants with better diagnosis and better designs. You want consultants who choose from many ways instead of selling their one way.

We do it differently. Get unique. Diagnosis. Design. Configure. Tools. Mindsets. AND your business results.

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