The ultimate transformative team-building digital or live experience. Designed to move your company to complete more projects and hit more goals – faster than ever.


In a sea of change, up-and-down economic waves, and shifting business models, building strong leadership and teams is no longer optional.

Save the Titanic is a fully-digital and live participant-driven experience for companies seeking to immerse their leaders and teams in the best way for adults to learn. In this award-winning experience, your leaders and team are the Senior Officers aboard the Titanic on her maiden voyage.

This FULLY immersive experience comes with all the bells and whistles whether live or through zoom. Full-dress uniforms and interactive responses deeply immerse your team whether attending remotely or at a live event.

And, what about your crew? They wear hats and life jackets. Everything is designed to draw them in and place them in the driver’s seat. Your participants identify, align, act, and perform as they do in their job, immersion helps them learn by doing.

Your team gets tasked to save the passengers, crew and ship.

Simple. Right?

Your leaders and teams participate and get stretched to think differently in this immersive situation.

Your team is called upon to lead differently. Work together differently. Solve unsolvable problems differently.

Unlike teaching, training and telling – Save the Titanic gives your teams the opportunity to drive the experience to uncover critical gaps, prioritize actions and learn from their experience. Then participants reflect and drive the debrief. You want accountability and leadership – you get it.

They return to your company ready to achieve Results and make an Impact. Smart buyers allow participants to apply their learning to the greatest challenges they face personally and as a team. Those buyers get to prove the impact. We are so confident we guarantee your Return on Investment because we’ve experience the power of human potential so many times through this award-winning experience. 

57% of projects fail due to communication breakdowns

A participant-driven experience gives your team ownership to impact the business and prove ROI.

With ownership and accountability come results. So with this program, you can choose to add Impact Projects where participants drive results. We support your participants with Impact Coaching to guarantee the results.

We stay with your leaders and teams after the program to ensure they track results and report the impact of implementing their new skills and tools.

By tracking your return on investment,  your leaders and team solve problems and collaborate on company objectives. They prepare impact statement sand form triad accountability groups to hold each other accountable to achieve the results.

And, the best part – you get to present the ROI for the company. Only 4% of CEOs ever get direct evidence of the value of learning and development.


“Great lesson learned! Will bring back many of the concepts back to my organization to improve our teamwork.”

– Martina Mayer, Employee Health Program Leaders, MICs Group of Health Services


“It was an amazing morning! Wish we would have started with this program and also ended with this!”

– Jennifer Babcock, Program Manager, Leisureworld

Save the Titanic - A Leadership and Team Experience Your Company Will Be Talking About For Years.

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