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Share Best Practices unites internal experts who share interests, issues and experiences. Through a series of fun and interactive activities, participants assess needs, share ideas, discuss common problems, give each other feedback, relate to each other, and explore innovative solutions.

Using a graffiti wall, participants make extensive lists of existing approaches and ideas. Then they work together to explore new ways of approaching old problems and develop a shared plan of action for leading their teams to improved results.

Working with like-minded experts and capitalizing on the best techniques known to the group, participants develop a strong sense of ownership over plans for improvement that increases engagement and effectiveness. They also come away with a new understanding of how to lead their teams through decision-making and creative processes. 


Learn2 engaged our brokers + owners to explore the best practices in 12 key areas to drive growth. Together, our leaders developed best practices to grow our business quickly. The leaders expect the best and were amazed with the outcomes!

Veronica Love-Alexander,
VP, Network Development, Dominion Lending Centres/The Mortgage Centre

Share Best Practices really helped me see that I was not the only one with these thoughts across IHG. I am now re-energized and already developing strategies with my team to further develop their skills and work with other departments to maximize revenue potential.

Melissa Vansickles,
Leader, IHG

You rocked it again… gotta give it to the Learn2 team! I’m always impressed with how you engage our attendees, but this one had a little element of risk for me – and boy did it pay off! Did you feel the love in the room? Our members couldn’t stop talking about it – Thank you!

Lorraine Bauer,
National Director of Membership & Community Engagement, Family Enterprise Exchange





Leaders can influence the outcome in 3 ways: 1. Headings, 2. Timeframe, 3. Veto. Your leader can control the questions asked or the categories investigated. Your leader can control the timeframe for implementation – sometimes tactics and strategies have to be implementable within 3 month or 2 quarters. And some leaders want the ability to veto solutions. While only 7 have ever requested a veto, NONE have ever used their veto because the wisdom of the team and the process ensure valuable outcomes. Of course, we setup the veto in advance

My sales team detest having their time wasted. Will this waste their time?

Other clients top sales people have been flown in from around the world to go through their unique design of this program. Million dollar sales people have participated. Those sales people chose from 3 different sessions. The session started with 20+ and ended with 80+ participants and they came in on the breaks to take pictures of the graffiti walls. We don’t waste time – its the real cost of your session.

How much of my time do you require?

The minimum valuable time invested by the leader is a 20-30 minute conversation to determine the focus of the graffiti walls. In some designs, the participants even choose the focus once the business goals are identified. Most of the time, senior leaders want to invest time after to sustain and amplify the impact of the Live session to drive business goals and culture transformation

How long will it take?

It’s a good question. Officially, we recommend no less than 3 hours and we’ve designed unique feedback and engagement sessions for customers, owners and leaders in as little as 60 – 90 minutes. It depends if you want to go broader without implementation. For best practice creation some unique designs take 2 days, including video support for others to implement the practices. Or a day to build out better buyer journeys… it all depends on the outcome you want. One thing is certain – your participants would rather keep building on their work than go to yet another session on another topic.

What if we have more than one sales team in the room?

Even better. The diversity of perspectives drives better innovation and implementation planning. And some unique designs have had different teams produce the results in their room then rejoin in one larger session to compare outcomes. Those unique designs focus on the game changing sales strategies and sales tactics in a specific timeframe.


I’m busy. How much of my time do you require?

The minimum valuable time invested by the leader is a 20-30 minute conversation to determine the focus of the graffiti walls. In some designs, the participants even choose the focus once the business goals are identified. Most clients invest 50 minutes upfront unless they are out to transform business results. Most of the time, senior leaders want to invest time after to sustain and amplify the impact of the Live session to drive business goals and culture transformation

What # of participants is best?

In most respects, the more the better. This raises the diversity of perspective. And since we parallel process most of the time, you can achieve 10-20 outcomes at the same time with a larger group. You would get a master facilitator for groups over 100. For Learn2, large groups start at 500.

How much preparation is required?

Most of the time, 0%. In some unique designs we ask sales leaders to arrive with their approaches. Most of these designs seek to optimize and harmonize sales strategies and tactics across member companies or offices. Or focus on the optimal buyer journey across multiple countries or offices. Sometimes as part of a strategic business plan development leaders are asked to arrive with roadblocks and opportunities identified… and that is a unique design

What financial investment are we talking about?

Great question. Of course, it depends on the number of your participants, the length and the facilitator you choose. And it depends on the amount of work you and your people do versus us and our team. It is definitely worth a conversation. And most clients choose a Smart Buyer’s Card which gets you 4 live sessions for the investment of 3.

How do I tell if it’s worth it?

Consider the real cost is not us. Its the cost of the people in the room. If you invest a half day or full day of everyone in the room’s time – it adds up. So consider that each person is likely worth $300 to $400/day. For sales people over $100,000/year in annual compensation – that is greater than $500 per person. Put 20 people in the room and you are investing $10,000 without travel, room rental, coffee breaks or food.

Then consider the opportunity cost – Likely a sales person delivers 10-100x their value. If not, we could talk! So now you are investing $100,000 in opportunity costs.

Then consider the power of sales people building the best practices. Imagine the ownership and commitment to those best practices… that’s how other clients grow 5x in a year.


Could we do this with customers, vendors, partners and contractors?

Yes, and we recommend it. Building best practices with the greatest diversity of participants produces the best results. We often engage customers in Client Advisory Boards to build best practices FOR and WITH clients. These unique designs often self-validate the outcomes as the sales team progresses through the process.

What else pairs well with share best practices for a sales team?

Clients pair Share Best Practices with Sell Naturally which helps sales people approach buyers in the way they want to buy. Some go further to build Buyer’s Journey’s for all buyer approaches or specific products or markets. Don’t look for it – its not on the website. It’s one of the things we do for ongoing clients.

Ready, Set, Sell! Sales simulators pair nicely. Because they allow your sales force to practice with zero-risk. And practice makes permanent.

Handle Objections is a favorite for every sales team looking at driving sales performance. Your sales force creates ways to handle objections WHILE continuing to build a trusted relationship.

What if we start with a short engagement session?

Test the water. Smart. And be careful you don’t treat your sales team’s work as an event. You really want to do something with the outcomes from these Live sessions. You get a different level of ownership with Learn2’s approach which can produce both business performance and cultural transformation.

At least share the results and build upon the progress created by your team.

Could we harmonize or standardize our practices with this approach?

Yes. And your people lead the change. They create the practices, they optimize them.

Some clients even know where they want to go and their team builds how to execute. Some clients get unique designs where we add Subject Matter Experts in buyer journeys, their industry, project management, process management or the core approaches like different sales approaches to build their “Way” that works for them and avoids hundreds of thousands in licensing traditional models. Its up to you. How do you want to change the way you work?

What if our place is a mess?

Frankly, it’s much easier. Your people want to change the way they work already. Often leaders have made multiple investments without working them through. Sales people are lost inside licensed sales training models that fail to adapt to their unique circumstances or simple things like the size of their deals. In these cases, we often suggest you start with Bridge the Gap or the Dirty 30 – don’t look for that one – its a unique design for clients who want to turn a division or company around.
Basically, you double down on the approach. Let the group choose what to start with. Then see the implementation through. They realize that the leadership is open to changing the way they work and the ideas start flowing. We have the Impact Compass to support the tracking and implementation of multiple innovations or improvement activities… PLUS it proves the ROI with evidence of the time and cost savings and increases in sales and sales productivity. That’s another whole story… Worth it to call and talk.

Change the Way You Work

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