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Employee Engagement & Retention

Many businesses understand the value of retaining, rather than attracting new customers, but did you know replacing an employee can cost anywhere from 20% to 200% of their salary? Employee training and retention is a smart investment in your business, not only for monetary reasons but because it directly contributes to your company culture and growth. 

Our programming supports your employees to feel more valued, empowered, and capable, so your business operates at a higher capacity without sacrificing the mental health and wellness of the people who work there.

How our Employee Engagement Programs Work

Our Employee Engagement Programs combine skill-building with collaborative best practices in ways that don’t feel like work. They allow your team members to put their imaginations to use, while showcasing their unique strengths and ability to support the limitations of others.  

Each of our Learn2 programs is specifically designed to spur sales, boost teamwork, and enhance the workflows you have put into place, keeping your company moving towards its goals.


The Employee Engagement Programs we offer

Share Best Practices for Ultimate Success program by Learn2


Through a series of interactive activities, participants document and share sales best practices that work with your competitive market.

Process and Work Flow Improvement Training Program by Learn2


Team members learn to anticipate and solve workflow and process challenges with this leadership development training program that addresses workflow issues in the workplace.

Improv training to improve communication - Learn2


Communication effects every aspect of your business. Improve it with Learn2 to improve company relationships, processes and retention.

FAQs on Employee Engagement Programs

Will these programs really be useful for my company once they wrap up?

We are not trying to teach you theoretical best practices that have little to no applicability within your workplace. These programs are designed to address your business’s specific challenges and opportunities and involve your employees in generating tools and solutions they can directly apply to their everyday working environments.

Do you define the outcomes of the programming or do we?

Our employee engagement programming is intended to be customizable and interactive, so it directly aligns with the needs of your business. To ensure leaders are satisfied with the programming, we offer three “official” ways for them to shape the activities: 1. Headings, 2. Timeframe, 3. Veto.

The Headings allow the leader to framing the questions/situations that will determine the associated outcomes.

The timeframe allows you to indicate when solutions will be required, which obviously affects what is made possible and places particular restrictions on employee strategies. T

The veto is exactly what it sounds like: you can say “absolutely not” to solutions and encourage your team members to rejig their approaches to align with corporate values and needs more closely.

Is there a specific time commitment required?

Typically, we recommend no less than a three-hour time commitment. This may include discussions with the leader(s) preemptively to ensure we have your goals identified and fully understand what you are trying to achieve. From there, we want to ensure we can engage your employees in an intensive level of learning. This maximizes the applicability of your outcomes and ensures everyone participates and feels valued.

Do we need to prepare anything before we get started?

The answer here is not really, but a little thoughtfulness goes along way. We would love for our participants, especially the leaders, to arrive with goals in mind and energized to get started. The better we understand what you are trying to achieve, the more able we will be to help you achieve it. Arrive with your challenges and opportunities ready to go and we will have everything else prepared to kick off a rewarding day of professional development.

How do I know these activities are a good use of my team members time?

Time is of the essence, and we are here to make the most of it. We have worked with million-dollar executives and salespeople, and we know how to make this investment of their time worthwhile. We continue to grow our professional development programming because we maximize the ROI of our activities and ensure each person leaves feeling better equipped than when they began their training.

Incorporate Learn2 employee engagement programs into your professional development regime to boost sales & enhance company culture

Reach out to our employee engagement specialists to learn more about the programming we offer. We look forward to encouraging your team to Learn2 work more effectively and enthusiastically towards shared and individual goals.

Strong Companies Start with Strong Teams.