Results versus Reasons



Reasons Vs Results is a conversation tool that is used when you hear excuses or reasons why something can’t be done or wasn’t done.

Wishing and hoping, reasons and excuses will never tell the truth. If you say you intend to change a behaviour, have you?

You’ve either got the results you say you want, or you have reasons to explain why not. Developing a rigorous and honest relationship with results moves you powerfully toward creating extraordinary results.

Reasons and results both take time. One is an investment in continuous momentum, and the other stalls us in our tracks.

Results vs Reasons. You choose how you show up every day.

We tend to speak to others about reasons…we want to explain why rather than saying it didn’t work and here is what I am going to do next. Reasons fill our conversations instead of what we are doing to get results. Don’t engage in conversations about reasons – these are time wasters.  Whether the reasons are coming from you or from someone else – they are focusing on blame not on moving forward.

Instead ask:

– What did we learn from that?
– What will we do differently next time?
– How can we salvage this to get the results we are looking for?

People forget they have options. And we sometimes forget that those things don’t really matter. We can’t always wait until we have all of our ducks in a row or all of the answers…sometimes we have to dive in now or even start before we are ready. Cast our vision toward the future instead of the past.

Both results and reasons take time and energy. One moves you forward, and one keeps you where you rooted where you are.

Reasons promote Lack of accountability  – this is a habit and it will be a constant road block to success. The “reason” habit needs to be replaced with simple action and follow through – leading to RESULTS.



Each person has a natural communication style.
Understanding yours can and will impact how effective you are when dealing with friends, co-workers and clients.