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Change History with Save The Titanic Team Building Experience by Learn2

Engage your Leaders and Teams with Save the Titanic – an award-winning, immersive leadership experience.

Save the Titanic™ immersive Leadership Development and Team Building program is an unforgettable experience. Your team is immersed as the Senior Officers aboard the Titanic to tackle the impending disaster. Think fast. Think smart.

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A workplace with a good communications culture after participating in Learn2’s communications training

How to Create a Good Communications Culture

By all rights, a workplace is a community and culture. Much like any community, it thrives when communication is open between leaders and members. The more open and transparent communication is within any group, the more the group can work together as a team. Therefore, creating a good communications culture is critical to any organization. […]

Employees in a workplace with positive company culture - Learn2

Why Company Culture Matters

What is Company Culture?  Company culture is the who, what, how and why behind everything that goes on in your company. Organizational culture is far more than just a buzz word intended to float around the boardroom. It’s the defining factor in a business’s success, as culture will guide and shape not only internal operations […]

Ways to build a company culture on trust – Learn2

6 Ways to Build a Company Culture on Trust

Establishing a company culture built on trust will be foundational to your current and ongoing success. Whether you are in the office, juggling a hybrid working model or entirely remote, ensuring your organization prioritizes and projects trust will directly influence the happiness of your teams, the satisfaction of your customers and the quality of your […]

Learn how to create a positive workplace culture with a remote team from Learn2

Building a Positive Workplace Culture with a Remote Team

Creating a positive and productive workplace culture demands thoughtful planning and consistency. It requires going so much further than hosting virtual coffee chats, because an authentic and positive company culture is the result of presenting your core values and inspiring your team members to do the same.  The active effort of strengthening and maintaining your […]

Learn How to Develop Strategic Thinking for Your Organization from Learn2

How to Develop Strategic Thinking for Your Organization

Strategic thinking is no longer something that only occurs at the topmost levels of your organization. To succeed, you must cultivate insight, foresight and critical thinking in team members and give them opportunities to contribute meaningful value to your way forward.  Our Learn2 professional development specialists will help your organization internalize the value, culture, and […]

Emerging leaders learning from Learn2’s leadership development training.

Good Leaders Are Good Learners

What goes into being a great leader? According to the Harvard Business Review, companies spend around $24 billion every year on leadership development. This goes to show that nurturing leaders within an organization is considered an important step.  The thing is, even with billions spent on leadership development, not every individual that enters a program […]

Coworkers laughing after managing workplace conflict with communication – Learn2

5 Ways to Manage Conflict with Better Communication

Conflict in the workplace is often inevitable, though effective resolution of these conflicts can positively impact your team, creating stronger communication and cohesion. Effective communication programs, such as those from Learn2, help organizations improve conflict resolution. Take a closer look at how to manage conflict in the workplace with these communication tactics. Steps to Achieve […]

Leadership development course for millennials by Learn2

Your Guide to Leadership Development for Millennials

Millennials are counting on their workplaces to nurture their leadership potential so they can contribute personally and professionally to the vitality and sustainability of their organizations. Learning how to adapt to millennials’ professional development preferences is key to improving retention, loyalty and quality of work. In this blog, we explore some of the ways you […]

Why employee culture is important for growth

Why Employee Culture is the Key to Growth

Companies with a positive employee culture have a clear set of values that leaders and teams follow. Learn how culture is the key to growth.

Team participating in leadership exercises from Learn2.

Quick Leadership Exercises for Teams

Pinpointing leadership potential in a group of team members is one of the most valuable things to do for an organization. By working with your team and taking part in short activities, you can foster a sense of connectivity between team members, encourage conversation, and bring out valuable leadership qualities. Take a look at a […]

Learn meaningful questions to ask your team with Learn2

Meaningful Questions to Ask Your Team Instead of ‘How Are You’?

Why ‘How Are You’ Isn’t the Best Opening Question The question, “How are you?” is loaded with good intentions, and we all know which road is paved with seemingly positive objectives that don’t quite hit the mark. When fostering a culture with a sense of compassion and caring, it’s important to ask the right questions […]

How to evaluate your leadership development program - Learn2

How to Evaluate Your Leadership Development Program

If you want amazing leaders, then you want to get clear on the goals. Your best way forward starts with a thoughtful evaluation of your existing leadership development program. Then clearly identify the goals you expect the engagement to achieve. Finally, you want a way to measure. Remember Pearsons Law – what gets tracked and […]

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