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Engage your Leaders and Teams with Save the Titanic – an award-winning, immersive leadership experience.

People completing the Save The Titanic leadership development and team building program from Learn2

Save the Titanic™ immersive Leadership Development and Team Building program is an unforgettable experience.

Your team is immersed as the Senior Officers aboard the Titanic to tackle the impending disaster. Think fast. Think smart. Your decisions mean the difference between the life and death of your passengers — and metaphorically for your business.

Hands-on Learning and Leader Development

Our Save the Titanic program allows participants to learn by doing. Your team will learn to take responsibility for the situation and find the solutions necessary to save the day — no matter what the obstacles. Participants get feedback on their actions and the consequences of their choices. In this fast-paced and unpredictable leadership simulation, you get a first-hand opportunity to see your people in action.

Key Learnings and Program Takeaways

Your leaders and teams will leave Save the Titanic™ better equipped to:

  • Work through confusion and insufficient information to make bold and effective decisions in the face of extreme challenges   
  • Take responsibility and think beyond the limits of what seems possible   
  • See how an individual’s behavior impacts the team’s success   
  • Embrace a new framework for collaboration and see extraordinary results that can be achieved by the team  
  • Ask better questions and add context to communicate more effectively with your team

The journey continues as participants learn to lead in a new way with new tools to achieve extraordinary results.

Team Building Designed to Engage and Inspire

Preview the experience with Learn2’s Save the Titanic Participant Promo video or read the full program description.

Save the Titanic has been shaped and developed over more than 20 years and offers both in-person and digital deliveries to complement your diverse needs.  See if our Save the Titanic Leadership Development and Team Building experience is for you by simply entering your information below to book a 10-minute Discovery Call and reserve your place for our next LIVE Save the Titanic program demo.

About Author

Doug Bolger is the world’s foremost instructional designer for participant-driven designs. He is changing how the world works, by changing how the world learns.


An Immersive Leadership Experience

Traditional training falls short. Save the Titanic™ immerses your team on the bridge of the Titanic, rekindling their passion for learning and teamwork. Backed by $750 billion in economic impact, we guarantee 4X ROI.