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Companies with a clear vision outperformed others 15 times over the past 60 years, according to a report from Cutting Edge Information, an independent research company in Durham, NC.

Without a clear plan, companies waste time and resources in changing directions rather than aligning resources to achieve real progress in key areas. That is why more companies are investing in strategic planning workshops to prepare for the future.

Inspire the Future: Strategic Planning Workshop by Learn2


In the Inspire the Future workshop participants will prepare for your organization’s future in the form of a strategic plan with clear direction. Groups will work together in this leadership development experience to define how to avoid obstacles, define the behaviors to achieve the plan, complete the action plans, and identify the milestones/metrics to inspire the behaviors and actions required from team members.


Put the right people in the room – which is often everybody.

  1. Listen to all team members vent about the past, then accurately examine the present
  2. Envision the future clearly so team members can latterly see where they are going.
  3. Create a 12-month action plan to get there
  4. Review progress at 30, 60 and 90 days to celebrate progress
  5. Reprioritize efforts as necessary.


  • Align everyone’s efforts to achieve incredible results for the company
  • Take massive action in the present that is aligned with the desired future business goals
  • Anticipate and overcome obstacles before they slow down progress
  • Define the behaviors that construct versus destroy progress
  • Achieve massive results – even leapfrogging the competition

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