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Our communication skills workshops are proven to inspire real change in the workplace. Having helped companies learn how to improve communication at work, our learning programs have been awarded over a dozen awards over the last 10 years.

Communicate Naturally: Communication Skills Workshop for Employees by Learn2


If your organization’s communications skills, behaviors, attitudes and messages are not aligned with your brand’s values, then your business results will be negatively impacted. Extraordinary results come from a team that has strong communication and engagement skills, resulting in thriving and profitable relationships with colleagues and clients alike.

In the highly successful and multi-layered Communicate Naturally communication skills workshop, participants learn that differences in communication style are actually differences in personality. Using colour as a metaphor, teams develop a powerful and memorable framework for understanding workplace communication while building interpersonal communication skills to resolve conflict.


Entertaining and enlightening, the Communicate Naturally workshop for employees works to improve morale in the workplace as teams address barriers and resolve workplace conflicts that waste time and undermine unity. This communication training workshop also helps participants discover the secret to effective customer and corporate relations: how to talk so others will listen and listen so others will talk.


Effective communication skills allow teams to improve their professional and personal relationships. This communications program focuses on different aspects of communication, with participants building on existing interpersonal skills. With Communicate Naturally, communication principles are reinforced with exercises that help develop active listening skills to help mitigate potential conflicts in the workplace.


Improve your team’s internal communication through an increased level of understanding

Identify your colleagues’ and clients’ natural communication styles

Leverage your knowledge of natural communication preferences to improve conversations with even their most challenging clients and colleagues

Enhance your emotional intelligence to build interpersonal communication

Experience the value of diversity and differing perspectives


I will be better able to connect with colleagues across the color pallet.

Steve Muller,
Arla Foods

Always great to learn new tools. Doug walked us through this exercise in a non-threatening and supportive way! Thank you!

Betty Dermer-Norris,
Canadian Olympic Committee

The energy and passion for this program is outstanding and makes the process engaging and fun!

Amy Allicock,
George Brown College – School of Design


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How Active are Participants During this Communication Workshop?

Our communication skills programs for employees are fully immersive and provide lots of action and interaction to create the best learning experience for your team. There will be no long lectures or PowerPoint presentations as part of this workshop. We provide action-packed and unforgettable team building experiences that guarantees the engagement of your team to produce results.

Who is Communicate Naturally Suitable for?

Communicate Naturally is suitable for everyone, from upper management to new employees. We’ve run this communication training workshop a thousand different ways and have been able to provide meaningful results unique to each team, level, and industry. Doctors, lawyers, Olympic athletes, engineers, executives, and Boards have all participated in this award-winning program to build effective communication skills. Communicate Naturally works as a stand-alone communication-improvement exercise, or a corporate communication challenge, and is the perfect anchor to any conference or executive retreat!

What Languages do You Offer for This Workplace Communication Program?

Our communication skills training is available in English, French (Quebecois, Acadian, and Parisian), and Spanish. When identified during the initial needs assessment we can also facilitate in multiple languages within the same program.

How do I Check the Availability for Communicate Naturally?

Give us a call, toll free at 1(877) 453-2762 x299 or email us at contact@learn2.com and we’ll confirm availability for dates of your choosing.


What Will This Communication Skills Workshop Cost?

There are many factors at play in determining the overall cost of running your workplace communication training workshop. We consider:

  • the number of sessions
  • the number of participants
  • the length of session to achieve the desired outcomes
  • the facilitator you choose.

The amount of work you take on internally vs the amount of work that our team handles also plays a factor in cost. Reach out to one of our facilitators to get started. We work within budgets to provide you with a program that still meets your team’s unique needs. Contact us for a free consultation and we can determine what you need to best achieve your desired outcomes.

Will You Travel to My Location to Run This Program? Are Travel Costs Included?

Yes, we travel to any location, venue, or city of your choosing to facilitate the corporate communications training session. Travel expenses are in addition to the program facilitation fees and vary depending on the specific travel requirements.

How Much Preparation Time is Required from My Team?

The minimum valuable time invested by the leader is a 20–30-minute conversation to determine the focus of the communication skill building program. In some designs, the participants even choose the focus once the business goals are identified. Most of the time, senior leaders want to invest time in reviewing the blueprint design and after to determine how to sustain and amplify the impact of their live session to drive business goals and culture transformation.

What Discounts Do You Offer To Not-For-Profit Groups?

We make a distinction between profit-driven and purpose-driven organizations, and because we are a purpose-driven learning company we offer a 30% discount to purpose-driven organizations, and in some cases will reduce the investment additionally for trade benefits.


What Support is Available to Continue Improving Internal Communications After Training is Complete?

Your facilitator meets with you after the communication workshop for your results meeting to review the outcomes for the day. During the results meeting, you and your facilitator will generate additional opportunities to amplify and sustain the learning. Participants will receive access to post-experience videos to reinforce the main learning concepts, further building their business communication skills. Your team can immediately apply their learning to their current business challenges and goals, mitigating potential conflicts and applying communication strategies.

Can We Purchase the Resources for This Training to Implement Internally?

Yes. You can get certified to facilitate Communicate Naturally in your company or in a specific geography.

What Incentives Do You Have for Purchasing Multiple Programs?

92+% of our work comes from existing and past participants who refer us. Their feedback is clear: one-offs rarely work, and smart commitments over time always prove to achieve better ROI. We listened and are happy to now offer clients the option of a Smart Buyer’s Card, which gets you 4 live sessions for the investment of 3.

How Do We Drive Home Business Impact from Communication Skills Training?

Our clients have found that learning is the best way to transform their business results. To make business results happen you have to advise what numbers you want to move, then we build a unique plan to make that happen for your team. The clearer you are with the business goals you wish to achieve, the better our we will be able to design your corporate skills development program and the greater your impact.

Change the Way You Work

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