If your store associate cannot handle objections effectively, then progress toward sales outcomes stops. Data from assessing over 285,000 sales associates suggests that 74% of sales associates are average to weak. Investing in their capability to effectively handle the objections of retail customers can directly affect business results.

Store associates learn how to keep retail customers engaged in the sales conversation rather than selling through objections. Instead of worrying that a sale might be lost due to the objection and reacting; store associates discover that objections illustrate the retail customer’s buying process and indicate intention to buy.

How Our Handle Retail Customer Objections Program Work

Your sales associates begin by identifying the worse objections they receive. Sales associates then learn the nature of objections, different levels of acknowledgement and how to ask the right questions. Participants learn three objection handling techniques – naming, acknowledging and questioning. Then the real fun begins – sales associates practice solving the worst objections they face.

Practice truly does make perfect. So participants attempt responses to the same objections until one team cracks the nut. Learning and celebration both increase the confidence of your sales associates. The responses to the objections get written down so sales associates create their own job aid specific to their retail customers.

“An objection is not a rejection; it is simply a request for more information” – Bo Bennett 

Retail store associates who can handle customer objections effectively make more sales, improve the entire store’s confidence and increase store sales!

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