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Retail Skills Development Programs

Consumer loyalty will make or break your business, so your investment in our Retail Skills Development Programs is really an investment in your bottom line. Research shows most customers’ spending habits are influenced by the way they are treated when making a purchase. Yet, many retail sales associates report receiving little to no skill development training. 

 The importance of exceptional retail services and lack of lip service it receives create the perfect storm for retail businesses. When customers are unsatisfied with their experiences, they take their loyalty – and wallets elsewhere – which puts the sustainability and growth of your business at stake. 

 Prevent bad retail experiences before they ever even happen. Invest in Retail Skills Development Programs with a measurable ROI. 


Customer Service and Retail Sales Training Programs 

Impact Identifier Report retail skills development program by Learn2


Stop wasting resources on irrelevant training. Get better results with custom high impact retail skills development.

Handle Objections in Sales Retail Skills Development training program by Learn2


Remove barriers to conversions with bolder objection handling strategies – the key to empowering effective employees.

Learn2 Understanding the Retail Customer Training Program for Retail Skills Development


Discover clear insights into your retail customer segments.

Retail Employee Orientation Training for Retail Skills Development Learn2


You must earn great employees, and we empower you to do exactly that. Let’s create your “A Team”.

Learn2 Retail Customer Sales and Service Training for Retail Skills Development


Give your team members the tools to create unique customer experiences that boost engagement & sales.

Learn2 Retail Management Flight Simulator for Retail Skills Development


Maximize your market share by learning how to sell more effectively within the specific parameters of your business.

Learning design training program organized by Learn2


Professional development is a leading predictor of employee satisfaction. Build company morale & your competitive edge.


  • 48% of consumers say loyalty begins with their first purchase or begin service.
  • 40% say loyalty forms when a company exceeds their expectations when resolving an issue.
  • 10% say their loyalty is formed before they even buy or do business with the retailer.

Only 68% of retail store associates receive skill development and most only 2.5 hours! Customer loyalty, sales, service, and profits can be quickly affected by the right training for sales managers and retail sales staff. 

Working in a retail setting can be intimidating. More and more, retails salespeople are facing a daunting list of on- and offline competition, so they deserve to have an effective arsenal of customer service and selling skills at their disposal to handle objections and build better customer relationships.

Our Retail Sales Training Courses Work

Our Learn2 retail training specialists are here to help your salespeople and sales managers navigate complex sales environments with confidence, competence, and proven retail training in customer-centric tactics. Reach out today to discover why sales leaders are quick to recommend Learn2 as your go-to retail skills training resource. 

  • We start with a needs assessment determine your learning and business outcomes. 
  • The we develop a tailored program specific to your store managers and store associates 
  • During our session(s), your team practices all the behaviors required to achieve the results. 
  • Store managers and sales associates get practical, engaging, and relevant exercises that apply directly to their store. 

FAQs on Retail Skill Development Workshops

What level of customization can you offer within your programming?

One of the things that distinguishes Learn2 from other professional development resources is that we offer a wide variety of programs that can be woven together to complement one another and offer a remarkable degree of customization for each of our discerning clients. Before we host you for your sessions, we get to know your business and your leaders, so we can create relevant retail scenarios that will challenge your team members to respond more effectively in real life. Talk to our facilitators about how to customize your sessions to achieve the specific results you need. 

Should my team or their leader(s) have anything prepared ahead of time?

Our facilitators look forward to collaborating with your leadership team to better understand which KPIs are your top priority. Prior to your retail sales skills development training, we will meet with your leaders and figure out how best to serve the priority needs of your team. From there, we will engage them as much or as little is appropriate to deliver on our promise of meaningful training experiences. 

What is the projected cost of taking part in Learn2’s retail sales skill development?

Our emphasis on customization means we can’t answer questions about cost within a generic FAQ. Alternatively, we will discuss cost with you, once we fully understand how many sessions would most benefit your team as well as how many participants will be involved and which depth of involvement you are seeking. 

When can I expect to see results from these programs and how long do they last?

We are confident your team members will feel inspired to begin implementing our retail sales best practices right away. That means, you should notice positive changes taking place, within your workplace, shortly after the completion of our training sessions. As for the longevity of the impact? We hope to provide you with all the resources and support your organization requires to extend the benefits of our programming well into the future. From remaining open to you for follow-up discussions and sessions through to providing best practice reference guides, our programs are designed to enhance your business for the long-term.

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