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Why You Need Learning Design

ASTD proved that 41% of employees plan to leave within 1 year from companies with inadequate training.  Versus 12% at companies with excellent learning programs.

By 2020, 50% of the workforce will be millennials. they disengage in traditional training. They demand that the learning be about them!

What if your learning could create engagement and leaders were prepared to receive engaged teams?

Old training programs were about teaching and telling. Training focuses on old ways of thinking.

Learning design should not just be about learning skills, you want participants learning how to think differently and solve challenges creatively. You want learning can produce a business result – an actual payoff for the time and money you invest.

You want learning designers who deliver a business result! You need that solution on-strategy, on-time, on-budget AND on-culture.

Biggest Misconception:  That design is easy, anyone can do it, and all designs work.

The Truth: Design takes work, not everyone can do it and most designs cost you money! Consider the value of the time of the people in the room AND the payoff you would have received from a great design that delivers application of the skills so your team thinks differently and can solve the complex challenges with more creative solutions.

What makes Great Learning?

Great learning designs engage the participants immediately to own the challenges that the learning solves.
Great learning designs are playful where everyone is involved and playing the same challenging game together to win.
Great learning designs are immersive – participants get submerged in a unique context, their customers’ world or their team’s results.
Great learning design delivers results – real results – more engagement, better culture, higher sales, higher productivity, and less turnover.

Great learning designs takes time and costs money so you benefit from 25 years of award-winning design. Save time and money by leveraging Learn2′s Library. We’ve purpose built hundreds of designs. Often 60 to 80% of exactly what you wants exists in our library.

“The results of our custom-designed learning program allowed us to have the largest customer uptake in Home Phone ever. Every channel delivered record-setting results and helped us overtake our competition.” – Chief Marketing Officer, Rogers Communications

Why Choose Learn2 for Your Learning Design?

Industry Excellence, Industry Transformation and client results awards for learning design that achieves business results stem from Learn2’s proven “participant-centered” approach.

Learn2’s learning best practices ensure participants actually practice skills & behaviours to create new ways of thinking and solving challenges. Rather than being told what they should do, participants own their learning and results.

You get access to the Learn2 Library containing “participant-centered” best practices proven to achieve results. Learn2 combines technical knowledge with skill-building simulations and on-the-job activities to reinforce an attitude of personal ownership of outcomes.

Everyone benefits from the investment through aligned processes, feedback loops and metrics to achieve Level 4 ROI business outcomes. Your program becomes established, sustainable and evolves your teams as your business grows.

Some of Our Instructional Design Frameworks

The Learn2 library of best practices can be quickly custom tailored to your team’s needs:

Instructional Design & Facilitators for:


Examples of Learn2’s designs in action:

Breathe new life into existing programs: Learn2 designed an award-winning new employee orientation board game for Rogers Communication. One design solved training challenges for 3 product lines, saved endless product update challenges by using cards, and eliminated three days of sales training. Apply Learn2’s design philosophy to existing programs and they become engaging experiences that achieve more in less time.

Create new training programs that achieve results: A financial institution needed an enterprise-wide solution to improve workflow and increase efficiencies. Instead of hiring expensive outside consultants, Learn2’s award-winning design for Work Flow Effectiveness Training developed work flow analysis skills in staff members who knew the real challenges. The ROI generated by participants on their first project exceeded even the wildest expectations. Participants implemented as many as four workflow projects in the first quarter.

Customize Learn2 training programs to screen future leaders: Deloitte leverages Learn2’s Lead the Endurance and Save the Titanic Team Challenge learning programs to assess high potential leaders and their ability to meet pre-determined performance criteria. Imagine seeing new recruits, potential hires or internal promotions in action as leaders before choosing.

Apply Learn2’s design approach to streamline your internal processes:Learn2 designed an intake process for Columbia House – using learning activities to screen candidates based on their ability to succeed in the work environment. The results? With the streamlined process it took just 8 days instead 15! And, the turnover rate decreased to 20% from 80%!

Customize Learn2 training programs to streamline the new hire process: Learn2 re-designed its Save the Titanic Team Challenge program for Price Waterhouse Coopers to screen large numbers of potential hires. Evaluators observe the participants’ performance (or lack thereof) during the learning experience and selected candidates based on actual observable behaviors in a complex challenge.

Ensure learning takes place in every program: Learn2’s Ensure Learning is a six module program where participants create impactful learning that resonates. The program details the design approach and is ideal for instructional designers, training developers, facilitators, content designers, and HR professionals.