Pirates Pursuit Team Race

Invading pirates complete challenges while building team spirit and skills.

Inspired by CBS’s Amazing Race, this adventure combines the excitement of a reality TV race with a strong corporate team building dynamic! The focus is on having a great time with colleagues, while in engaged in playful competition. Bringing out the Capt. Jack in everyone. You and your fellow pirates have fun, compete and network with each other while creating lasting memories.

Teambuilding Program Description:

Upon formal introduction of the Pursuit and explanation of Race Ground Rules, the Lead Facilitator blows a whistle and teams are off. First to their team pouches where they find their first clue… and then on to the race. Build a boat and race ‘er, create and raise a team flag, test your pirate trivia, belt out a pirate chant, serve up some grog, do the Cannonball shuffle… these activities and more create an event worthy of the scurviest Buccaneer.

Crew challenges are tailored based on your team, your objectives and the amount of time available.