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Outdoor Team Building

Move your team building activities outdoors to encourage unique learning outcomes that directly benefit the people and profit margins within your organization. Take on inspiration from your surroundings while engaging in high-energy outdoor team building events that encourage your team members to communicate and collaborate more effectively. 

During each of Learn2’s outdoor team building programs, your team will be pushed to their limits. These custom-designed outdoor challenges reinforce the importance of superior communication skills, trust and empathetic leadership – all within a really fun, safe environment. 


How our Outdoor Team Building Programs Work

After consulting with our Learn2 professional development experts, choose whichever outdoor team building activity most closely aligns with your organizational needs and goals. Whether you want to inspire friendly competition with the Amazing Race or put strategic thinking to work to evade pirates, your team members will become totally immersed in an outdoor, hands-on skills development activity with many exciting twists. 

Outdoor Team Building Experiences

Team Building Outdoor Races - Learn2


Inspired by the Amazing Race, your team will face fun challenges that demand ingenuity & collaborative leadership.

Pirates pursuit team race team buildng activity


 Putting the “Arrgh” in results, this team building activity gets hearts racing & keeps creativity at the heart of your voyage.

FAQs on Outdoor Team Building Programs

What are some of the longer-term benefits of taking part in these programs?

What you learn does not get left behind at the finish line of our outdoor team building challenges. Our programming is meant to enhance your team’s capacity to navigate change, complex challenges, and foster collaborations. By ensuring our best practices are fully customizable and implementable, within your unique structure, we ensure you have the necessary toolkit to achieve your specific organizational goals.

How long does the programming take to implement?

This is a great question that we will be able to answer much more fully once we understand what you are trying to achieve with your outdoor team building event. The length of your engagement will depend on whether you want to create best practices for the long-term or are more interested in a hosting a one-off team building experience, designed to engage and reenergize your employees.

From one three-hour session plus proactive leadership engagement, through to multiday programming, we will help you design a powerful outdoor team building event that aligns with your goals.

Do you put a limit on the number of participants who can be involved? 

Absolutely not. We frequently run team building programming with groups of 20-30, but we also warmly welcome groups with more than 500 participants. Whether you have a small team, or a robust group of corporate leaders, we will provide the appropriate level and format of outdoor programming to maximize learning and earning potential across the board.

Will my team actually be participating in the team building challenges or is it more observational?

Our outdoor team building activities are designed to get people moving and thinking way beyond the borders of their offices. Our programs combine healthy competition, strategic thinking, and some physical activity to create team building experiences that are both fun, challenging, and impactful. Our outdoor team building events get your leaders and their teams moving on high-energy missions of organized mayhem and enthusiastic collaboration.

Tackle your teams’ greatest opportunities and challenges head on by heading out into the great outdoors. Contact our Learn2 facilitators and learn more about our outdoor team building programs, so we can support your organization to grow beyond the status quo and achieve more via positive collaboration and smarter, not harder work.

Strong Companies Start with Strong Teams.