Ideas for Outdoor Team Building Activities


There are several benefits that can be reaped from participating in outdoor team building activities. These activities are not only fun, but they are also cost-effective and allow people to learn more about their co-workers.

1. Drop An Egg

The purpose of this activity is to build a container to protect an egg dropped from a pre-determined height (usually 5 – 8 feet). Organize teams of 4-5 people. Provide materials that can be used to build the container, including balloons, straws and masking tape. Give each team a specified amount of time to build their container. Once the teams have finished their container, have them drop their egg containers from the pre-determined height.

After all the teams have dropped their containers, they check to see if their egg has cracked. Prizes can be awarded to the teams whose egg did not crack. You can continue the activity and raise the height until only one team remains and give them the prize. Drop an egg is a great team building activity because people work together to attain the same goal. For a unique experience like this that brings all your teams together, consider Bridge the Gap to engage the entire team together building one structure. You can even engage your whole team in building the plan to take results to a whole new level.

2. The Shoe Game

This is a very simple team building activity. Everyone will need to take off their shoes. After that, they will need to make a pile with the shoes and mix them up. You should give everyone a specified amount of time to locate their shoes. The person who gets to his or her shoes first should be given a prize. These types of activities are fun and get everyone working together. You can do the same thing without the smell with Connect & Collaborate.

3. Blindfold Hunt

This game requires that one trust his or her team-mates. You will need to place clues in five or more locations. The purpose of the clues is to help the person get to the final destination. Organize the group into teams of 3. The team selects 1 person to be blindfolded. The team members who are blinded-folded are responsible for leading the other team members. The other team members need to communicate to the blindfolded person when to stop and turn. Give each team the first clue to get the game started.

Take it much further and you can have teams of 2 compete at an activity then form them into teams of 4. Continue merging the teams together until everyone has competed and been merged into 1 team. This helps people learn to collaborate together. We call it 2 Become 1 and we’ve facilitated it for the Canadian Olympic Committee and lots of other teams that want to be engaged by both competition and collaboration.

4. Create a Landscape

This is a simple activity with few formal rules. All you do is give each team member materials to create a landscape. Best with 6 to 8 people. Give the team a certain amount of time to create their landscape. Give awards based on the most unique, prettiest and funniest landscapes.

Double down on the fun and learn the amazing art of improv to create stories together as a team using the landscapes. In Improv to Improve, employees learn to collaborate and create together – more importantly they have fun and laugh so hard their sides hurt.


Each person has a natural communication style.
Understanding yours can and will impact how effective you are when dealing with friends, co-workers and clients.