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Break the ice and get the small talk flowing at your next conference or event with this accelerated team collaboration workshop. This highly entertaining program creates the perfect conditions for encouraging networking and forming relationships through a series of low-risk activities that teach practical approaches for engaging with new people. 

Effective collaboration does not happen by accident. It needs to be cultivated. Cross-team communication and collaboration in the workplace need to be nurtured so that teams can collaborate in a simplified way. Our program framework is tailored to fit the unique needs of your team. Ideal for teams to solve the strategic gaps they face at work and generate innovative solutions toward one direction as a team. The team collaboration skills gained during this workshop enable the team to track progress and achieve impressive results quarter by quarter. 

Discover why this program is recommended by 92% of participants and successfully completed by the Canadian Olympic Committee, Deloitte, Intercontinental Hotels and others.   

Learn2 Connect and Collaborate Team Building Program

Increase Communication and Collaboration 

In the One Team Simulation your team plans, constructs, and integrates sections of a multi-part bridge using real building materials to allow an egg to roll safely across a perilous 16-foot gap.

Team Collaboration Skills Gained in This Workshop

  •   Interactive Learning Lessons that your team can start applying right away   
  • Best Practice Learning Design: No lecture. Instead, engaging participant-centered exercises designed to focus today’s learners   
  • Certified Program Leader(s): You receive facilitator(s) skilled in connecting the experience to your work environment   
  • Worksheets, Templates, Tools, & Checklists created by your team or for your team to reinforce the learning and application to improve your team’s results   
  • A Design Call with Program Leaders to identify reinforcement opportunities   
  • A Road Map to see what your team needs next  

Additional Tools to Apply from This Collaboration Workshop

  • Leaders Advanced Learning: Have your leaders practice living the behaviors long before the program   
  • Coaching Call with Program Leaders: One of the cornerstones of results includes regular Coaching Calls to work through reinforcement and problems as they arise. You’ll have a Coach to dig into team challenges you face and provide specific feedback and suggestions for your situation   
  • Reinforcement coaching just for managers so they can make the team learning stick   
  • Instant access to a suite of measurable features and tools to track how your employees are doing for reward or counsel   
  • Road map and progress reports to see how your team is progressing   

 Ask about our Multiple Groups Discount Program, Purpose-Driven Organization Discount Program or, Canadian Olympic Team rates for Sports Organizations.   

For leaders like you, who want to stop doing “one-offs” so you can achieve actual improvements in results. You can get this program in a Road Map of programs for as much as a 50% discount when you choose a Results Road Map.  


Encourages a proactive attitude in building new relationships

Creates active participants out of passive attendees

Demonstrates how to create opportunities to connect and network


Learn2’s first timer orientation showed me how easy it really is to build a professional network. I really enjoyed the variety of relationship building techniques that Learn2 taught. It provides attendees with the confidence to truly interact and connect with others. Their lively and adrenalin-building approach is a great way to start any conference.


Barbara Parker,
CMP – National Director, Meetings and Travel – Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Hit the ball out of the park


Marianne Thompson,
Director, Special Events and Meetings,  Remax



How long does the Connect and Collaborate program last?

30 to 90 minutes to a day for teams to develop outcomes. This program pairs well withCommunicate Naturally. Learn2 designs are modular so you can mix and match. 

How many can participate in the Connect and Collaborate program at a time?

We delivered this program for500+ CBC participants. This program allows large numbers ofparticipants to engage in a fun way while learning at the same time.

What kind of space do we need for the Connect and Collaborate program?

The program works best in large rooms with or without tables and open space to allow room for participants to move around. You don’t even need chairs and can have cruisers, buffets, and drinks. 

Can the Connect and Collaborate program accommodate those with disabilities?

Yes. Learn2 Solutions have achieved results with the Special Olympians, the Deaf Blind Coalition and Paraplegic Association.  

How much does the Connect and Collaborate program cost?

You can view an online program proposal here, however prices may vary due to the number of participants and the location.  

Change the Way You Work

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