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2 Become 1

400 Participants moving as 1

Building a successful team takes far more than simply pairing people together. The teams that deliver the best results are those that have a unified vision and intense collaboration. This program helps your team overcome the challenge of merging a diverse team together.

Learn2 2 Become 1 Team Building Program

This lightning-paced program shows the value of teamwork by initially pitting participant’s teams against each other in a series of challenges. 

Each successfully completed task leads to the next, with an unexpected merging of teams necessary to complete the final task – showing the benefits of effective collaboration using immersion, creativity and fun.


Collaborate effectively between diverse teams with clashing directions.

Understand and value team-members unique strengths to solve challenges and create an efficient team culture.

Communicate the benefits of collaboration and creativity solve challenges.

Change the Way You Work

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