Reveal the Secrets – Customer Insights Training

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Reveal the Secrets – Customer Insights Program Description

Reveal the Secrets is a powerful experience for any business seeking clearer insight into their market.  This experience focuses on understanding your customer needs, identifying the most important benefits of your product or service, and differentiating yourself from the competition.

Participants work in teams, each focusing on a specific client or customer type. Teams are guided through a concrete and highly pragmatic tool to systematically and thoroughly understand how to best meet the needs of their target audience with the products and services they offer. With short experiential activities designed to illustrate and highlight each segment of the tool, participants are engaged in a dynamic experience with a clear and concise outcome for action. Target market, customer requirements, and product differentiation are among the considerations. Participants are amazed at the classified data they generate, and return to the office eager to put these new insights into action.