Redesigned Retail Training Programs

Program Awards:

IBM’s Value of Training Report explains how companies lose 10 to 30% of its capabilities per year due to turnover, retirement, process changes and technology changes. By year 3, an organization retains only 41% of it original capabilities, dwindling to 24% by year 6. You will experiencing brain drain if your training programs fail to reinforce existing capabilities and build future capabilities.

Older training programs based on PowerPoint and lecturettes no longer engage today’s generation of retail store associates. The old approach requires days to “teach” the skills with less than 10% retention after 48 hours. Now learners only need to create the new approach together and practice the skills in similar application environments rather than be told what to do. 

How Our Redesign of Existing Retail Training Programs Works

Learn2 conducts a comprehensive Needs Assessment to ensure the design approach matches your target community’s preferred learning approach. We align the desired learning outcomes with your required business results and time constraints. We identify the specific behaviors expected of participants and the environments where those behaviors get applied.

We distill your existing retail content for the practices, job aids & tools then build interactive exercises to deliver the learning that fits your retail store associates’ needs and the organization’s desired results.

Learn2 can often leverage our Library of “participant-centered” best practices. Learn2 accelerates your existing retail training programs with skill-building simulations and on-the-job application to reinforce personal ownership of outcomes.

You receive award-winning retail facilitators to deliver pilots as part of your Train-the-Trainer certification. Everyone benefits from your investment in learning by aligning processes, creating feedback loops from the stores and metrics to achieve Level 4 ROI business outcomes. Your program becomes established, sustainable and evolves internally as your business grows.

Success Stories

We’ve redesigned hundreds of existing training courses in communication, leadership, team and sales for call centers, engineers, orientation programs and we can work with any size of organization. Arla is one example.

Who is Arla Foods?

Arla Foods is a global dairy co-operative owned by dairy farmers from Denmark and Sweden. With production facilities in 13 countries and sales offices in another 20, Arla has more than 19,000 employees. Learn2 has been working with the Canadian and US operations since 2009.

How is this project relevant?

Learning programs can actually produce greater impact even while reducing length.

The original learning content developed in Denmark included a 3 module program that was 9 days in duration using a more traditional lecture and exercise approach including 400+ PowerPoint slides. Learn2 was asked to reduce the duration, increase the learning and localize the content.

Learn2 added best practices from the Learn2 Library. Learn2 eliminated duplication of models, reinforced the selected models consistently to reinforce learning & retention, removed lecture to increase practice and application in the work environment. For example, a lecture and series of PowerPoint slides became a series of application exercises reinforced in all three modules even allowing coaching practice based on participation in the exercises. The application of the learning drove projects and efficiencies in the plant and sales environment increasing application after the program delivery.

Learn2 delivered the Arla Leadership Program (ALP) to all Managers – first in Canada and now in the United States. Arla chose to use content added from the Learn2 Library with additional participants not in attendance and is now adding an ALP Light for lead hands/supervisors.

The Results 

Arla’s existing ALP program materials were modified to reflect the North American business culture and best practices for learning. ALP was reduced to 6 days saving 3 full days while dramatically increasing engagement and application of skills.

“Arla will benefit by improved pro-activeness and contingency pre-planning by slowing down and ensuring adoption [adopting change]. – Laura Fineberg, Vice President, Human Resources, Arla Foods Inc.

In addition, our experience redesigning retail training programs, Learn2 has won over a dozen awards for amazing learning designs in the last 10 years.

Program results

Reduce length of courses
Improve quality of learning through practice, application and simulations
Ensuring the most relevant skills and behaviours get learned
Change their attitude about the value of learning
Reinforce your organizational culture and employee engagement
Deliver consistent customer experiences