2001 – MPI New Member of the Year Award


Learn2’s Doug Bolger – Founder and Chief Learning Officer – received the New Member of the Year Award from the MPI Toronto Chapter. “The business meetings and events industry love innovative approaches to engagement, participation and talent development. Our ability to facilitate large groups without talking at them. Making sure everyone to receive the message at one time. Professional Meeting Planners love our ability to engage 500+ people actively in one conversation.” says Doug Bolger.

After two decades of transforming the learning and talent development industry, Learn2 welcomes event and meeting planners to increase engagement through best practices in engagement and meeting design. The best conference sessions are the result of proven practices that engage leaders and teams. The best practices directly reflect the type of engagement and participation that meeting professionals seek in their conferences and events.

Learn2 supports meeting professionals with highly-engaging meeting and event designs that ensure their attendees participate fully and live the key messages of the conference. You want an opening session or plenary session to engage everyone rather than bore them. The old approach of paying a speaker to make attendees pay attention is quickly dying. Thankfully, you can engage large groups in meaningful conversations.

The right approach benefits meeting professionals because attendees get more value and the conferences increase in value. The best conference sessions have:

1. Active participation reduced boredom and is required to get millennials to attend your conference

2. Starting with high engagement sessions set the context for engagement. And builds new relationships so attendees get more personal and professional connections which increases their likelihood of attending the next year

3. Best practice sharing means that your participants get to generate and distill content which you can share to add massive value

4. Popular communications skills program engage all your leaders in exploring how to communicate naturally so their leadership or sales approach become more effective. And gives everyone LOTS to talk about.

5. Immersive leadership development challenges get deep insights shared and prepare your attendees for industry leadership conversations.

Learn2 supports corporates, associations and purpose-driven organizations with a suite of Board and Staff development opportunities. The AGMs or Board meetings can get dramatically improved at the same time.

How We Can Help?

If you want help engaging your leaders and teams, here are some things you can do with regards to Learn2.

1. If you are eager to learn more about how Learn2 can transform your conference, book a 45 minute with Doug Bolger, our Chief Learning Officer to talk about how other clients empower their leaders and teams to produce results.

2. If you already know that Learn2 is a good choice for your business and would like to book a 45 minute appointment with a strategist, send an email to who will coordinate your meeting.

3. If you would like to know more about Learn2 and see a few of our solutions, click here now. Be warned, we have A LOT of programs since no 2 clients are alike – every program gets configured to your needs.

4. If you would like to speak with someone right away, call our Learn2 Hotline at 877-4LEARN2 x 229.



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Understanding yours can and will impact how effective you are when dealing with friends, co-workers and clients.

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