Happy Sales Appreciation Day! Now show your appreciation


Today is December 5th, recognized across North America as Salesperson Appreciation Day. Sales appreciation is simply taking the time to say thank you. Some leaders believe compensation recognizes and rewards sales teams already. Yet only 10% of your sales team is motivated by money. Half of your sales team want to be thanked and appreciated. We’ve been hard at work devising some clever ways to show your sales team some gratitude for all they do. And remember – any day is a good day to appreciate sales.

Start a Sales Appreciation Conversation

We recommended enabling great, positive conversations over negative ones. Consider your company or your clients challenges. Thank your team for solving those challenges. This idea is epitomized by our “Wine over Whine” adage. It’s proven so popular, we created a wine label for our sales training clients! You can download, print, and adhere to a wine bottle as a gift for your salespeople. Congratulate them for producing results over reasons.

Investing in Your Sales Team show Sales Appreciation

What better way to show you appreciate sales than to make an investment in their success. Sharpen the saw – as they say. Consider the upcoming quarter or past quarter – what are the challenges. Give them tools for the moment. This shows them you are connected to their world and want to make selling easier for them.

For example, if they are about to sell a challenging upgrade then get them objection handling skills specific to handling those specific customer objections. If they are faced with internal issues that effect their ability to deliver results then get them in a room with the other departments to create an Bridge the Gap action plan for results. A sure way to show you appreciate sales’ world is to meet them at their point of need.

Check out our post on ideas to celebrate your sales team today. Our Sales stream page offers some insight into our programs and processes to get your team producing the results they deserve.

Have a great Salesperson Appreciation Day story? We’d love to hear it! Use the social buttons on this page and let us help you celebrate!



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