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Your status as a sales leader can handle a hit. But why would you want to take one? Avoid the social credibility suicide. Let’s face it – a boring or irrelevant sales training session sucks. It sucks your credibility. And it sucks because gathering your sales team together is supposed to improve your sales culture, build capacity for more sales and improve sales results.

You and your team want results. So here’s what the leaders of sales teams have found actually improves sales results.

1. Buyer Focus

The most important sales skills? Understanding your buyers. Buyers expect you to treat them as the unique individuals they are. All decisions are emotional. So your sales team wants to understand different buyer types so your sales team can quickly assess their buyer to influence their decision making process. Establishing credibility quickly and illustrating similar values helps remove the resistance to buying.

2. Buying Process

Thousands of hours are focused on conversion landing pages to generate leads for sales teams. Yet how much time has your sales team invested in understanding the buying process of your different customer segments and buyer types. Sales skills may need a deep dive into the value propositions of new or existing market segments. While others just want to collaborate together to make the buying process faster and easier for clients and themselves. Your sales team can get your customer segments, value propositions and competitors linked on one page to create powerful attack and defend sales strategies.

3. Handling Buyer Objections

Sales leaders agree that the most valuable sales training module is Handle Objections. This proven methodology ensures your sales people don’t damage their credibility by selling through objections. Instead, your sales team learns the sales skills that buyers expect. First to acknowledge the buyers’ world and illustrate their commitment to understanding their buyers’ world. Second to stop creating resistance! Too many sales techniques create resistance in buyers. You want your sales team to remain credible and avoid creating friction in the buyer’s buying process. Make sure you get a job aid created using actual buyer objections!

4. Relevant and Targeted Practice

Sales leaders tire quickly of content. They want practice of relevant tools targeted at the points where their sales team needs to innovate. Linking your sales team development to your buying process enables practice. Your sales team appreciates learning from other team member’s ways of dealing with challenging situations and challenging client types. Sales skills development does not always need to be role play! The key to practice is putting your sales team into situations that build new sales practices. At the higher end, you want Sales Simulators that immerse your sales team in the actual experience of selling to new or existing customer segments.

5. The Last Thing…Confidence!

Sales leaders all agree that sales training must improve confidence. Confidence is the fuel of sales teams. Clients find that gaining new tools and sales skills increases confidence. Poorly designed sales training fails to increase confidence. In fact, it causes sales teams to question the competence of their leaders.

So choose wisely. Make sure your sales development creates energy and excitement. With 32 days of proven frameworks, you get a unique design from us that integrates your customers, products and sales team.

We’ve never let a client down. Our clients have doubled sales and more by targeting important sales skills with a design unique to their specific needs.

It never hurts to talk live with an actual practitioner. You can even get a free assessment of your sales team’s needs. We’re that confident you’ll want to grow sales.