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Team Forward - Engage, Align, Act

In Team Forward your team plans, constructs, and integrates sections of a multi-part bridge using real building materials to allow an egg to roll safely across a perilous 16 foot gap.

Our program framework gets tailored to fit the unique needs of your team. Ideal for teams to solve the strategic gaps they face at work and generate innovative solutions toward One Direction as a team. Tools enable the team to track progress and achieve impressive results quarter by quarter.

Unresolved gaps in performance, culture, processes, and communication are just some of the obstacles holding teams back from realizing their full potential.

This immersive learning program helps teams identify and resolve these gaps and aligns actions toward One Direction. Apply the proven Team Results Tools to create the engagement necessary to move your team forward.

Team Forward – Engage, Align, Act
You'll get results:
  • Encourages teams to identify and resolve persistent challenges
  • Strengthens collaboration through planning and execution
  • Creates an environment of ownership and accountability for results
  • Stimulates innovative approaches to accepted workplace habits

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Frequently Asked Questions about Team Forward - Engage, Align, Act

How long does the Team Forward program session last?
Learn2 designs all experiences to be modular, so your unique design will fit your timeframe or expand with additional learning and application. The One Team collaboration simulation lasts as little as 1.5 hours. Your unique design may not include the team collaboration simulation. Your session may focus on the application of tools to build collaboration capacity like: Results versus Reasons Conversation Frame, Yes And Circles, Team Priority Setter, Team Action Charter, and Quarterly Team Planner Some teams achieve alignment within one day while others integrate more fully over two days. Most intact teams focus on progress achieved during the first session then gather together quarterly to reset quarterly goals.
What tools will my team learn in Team Forward?
Your unique design is based on your Clear Path Conversation. In general, teams who need to experience collaborating as one, complete the One Team Collaboration Simulation. Other tools include: Team Alignment Generator – this process identifies the Direction of the team to allow all innovations to align toward your team’s chosen direction Results versus Reasons Conversation Frame – teams distinguish conversations that focus on producing results rather than talking about all the reasons that results can not or have not happened Yes And Circles – teams practice producing rapid innovation and implementation using this powerful team engagement process Team Priority Setter – Teams generate many innovative ideas and approaches to eliminate Team Drag and accelerate Team Progress. The Team Priority Setter helps teams choose the most important ideas Team Action Charter – ideas are great, yet actions are better especially when you can see them all on a wall! The Team Action Charter aligns all team outcomes in a one-year calendar Quarterly Team Planner – progress drives engagement and results. Most teams share weekly progress and gather every quarter to align on the most important priorities for the next quarter Team Results Dashboard – measure and communicate progress weekly or monthly through clear dials that predict results. Stop using lag measures that count the past. Focus on leading indicators that predict team success More… after 25 years teams like yours have designed unique solutions, most of which become available to your team. Have a Clear Path Conversation and find out what your team can use
How many can participate in the Team Forward Program at a time?
We’ve run Team Forward for 2000 participants for Union Gas and CIBC. Your unique program design expands by adding coaches which allows you to add more participants. All participants actively participate and receive the same learning at the same time.
What kind of space do we need for the Team Forward program?
We tailor to the available space and location. Sometimes bigger rooms are better to allow more room for construction if your unique design includes the One Team Simulation and allows for space to engage the team in your organization’s solutions. Avoid boardrooms – as the table dominates the room and allows less interaction and flexibility.
Can Team Forward activities accomodate those with disabilities
Yes. We have achieved results with the Special Olympians, the Deaf Blind Coalition and Paraplegic Association.