Why Company Culture Matters

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What is Company Culture? 

Company culture is the who, what, how and why behind everything that goes on in your company. Organizational culture is far more than just a buzz word intended to float around the boardroom. It’s the defining factor in a business’s success, as culture will guide and shape not only internal operations but also the way your brand is perceived by its stakeholders. Culture is the coming together of a set of values and beliefs as much as it is how they are lived on a day-to-day basis by every team member. 

Why a Positive Workplace Culture is Important 

A positive workplace culture is nothing short of the perfect embodiment of the chicken and egg situation. If you nurture a vibrant culture, you will produce and retain positive employees, and thus, the happy cycle continues. However, if your workplace culture becomes stagnant or toxic, your employees will suffer and they will, in turn, contribute to the further downturn of your organizational culture. 

Building a constructive, optimistic and collaborative workplace culture helps organizations achieve many things. Foremost, it is the deciding factor in employee contentment and behaviour. More than that, culture is intrinsically tied up with monetary sustainability and brand recognizability. Let’s dive a little deeper into why company culture is so fundamental to company success and how you can ensure yours is up to par. 

Promotes Better Performance 

Company culture matters because it affects the quality of organizational outputs, and defines what actions are taken and how they are taken. If you have a positive, well understood company culture, you will have consistency. All the people in your organization will understand the shared goals they are working toward, and which tactics are permitted to help them achieve those objectives. 

A solid company culture provides clear directives for resolving conflict, engaging with consumers and rewarding or providing constructive feedback to team members. It informs teams and potential customers what your priorities are and how you will deliver on them. This approach to managing expectations leads to improved communication and mitigates potential confusion and boosts morale and loyalty. 

Reduces Turnover 

A formidable company culture is one of the best ways to retain and invigorate effective team members. People are eager to feel as though they are contributing to something meaningful and that their contributions are recognized as valuable (and valued). By clearly and authentically articulating your company culture and bringing your team members along in shaping that culture, you will reap the rewards on the investment of your time and energy. A positive company culture that leads to team members feeling trusted, empowered and invested will significantly reduce turnover and increase the percentage of upwardly mobile individuals who will build toward something sensational.

Improves Company Identity 

What’s internal becomes external, and that’s one of the many – and biggest – reasons company culture matters so much. A company culture that everyone in your organization understands and lives will help you carve out your niche within your competitive market. It will bolster the consistency with which your present yourself to the world. This, in turn, will enhance brand awareness and attractiveness with people who align with your culture. 

Employees Turn into Teams 

There’s a reason we are always talking about team members rather than employees. We believe there is a big difference between the two: employees are individuals who punch in and out to make ends meet. Alternatively, team members are people who share a vision and understand how their unique gifts come together to contribute to an overarching strategy. 

Team members are excited about what they are doing because they truly internalize the how and why behind it. These engaged and productive brand evangelists are the result of a strong corporate culture, which informs, uplifts and rewards them in accordance with an organizational mentality that is easy to buy into. 

Build your Workplace Culture with Learn2 

Partner with Learn2 and our high-energy, high-impact professional development specialists will help you build strong teams, (re)define your corporate culture, or simply articulate and action it in ways that generate excitement, commitment and productivity. Let’s transform, update and implement your corporate culture in ways that make waves.   

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