Top 5 Cost-effective Employee Engagement Activities


A productive, loyal workforce is the key to success in an increasingly challenging business environment.

A productive, loyal workforce is the key to success in an increasingly challenging business environment. Given this fact, it is important for businesses to hone employee skills, boost their morale, and effectively align their efforts toward achieving growth targets. As you are aware, employee productivity is closely linked to the performance and profitability of any business, and actively engaging your workforce in a meaningful, yet fun way leaves less room for dissent or dissatisfaction. But how do you engage employees efficiently?

Orientation Programs

Orientation programs often top the list of employee engagement activities, as they outline the different roles, the scope of business, and sets the mutual expectations. Employee engagement programs formally induct a new employee into the company and its way of working. In other words, they embed the new employees in the culture. Get an employee orientation program.

Sharing Best Practices

Each organization contains a wealth of information and the best practices that have been proven to work best. Peer-to-peer interactions, interactions with experienced veterans, attending conferences and seminars, are some of the best ways to get a grasp of the major do’s and don’ts of a job or a specific industry. After all, we don’t have the luxury or time to learn from costly mistakes. One of the fastest, most effective ways to build employee productivity is through best practice sharing programs.

Skill Building

It is but natural for businesses to recruit the crème-de-la-crème of qualified applicants. However, it is equally important for employees to keep pace with the latest developments in their industry, while also honing both technical and soft skills needed for their jobs. Skill-building not only helps employees realize their potential, but also helps apply their skills to improve the quality of work they deliver. Building the skill set of an employee is in effect a morale booster, as he or she is not simply stuck forever with outdated practices. Target the exact skills your team needs to achieve more and browse a list of options.


Brainstorming is a healthy activity that harnesses the creativity and problem-solving ability of a team, in order to address a specific problem, or to work towards a specific goal or solution. Each employee participates and contributes their suggestions, yet again making them feel valued and very much part of the process, regardless of how small the team may be. One of the most effective ways to engage a whole team to become more productive is to allow them to build the plans that bridge the gap from where they are to the results they want to achieve.

Outdoor Activities

A functional team is that which is geared to weather all external and internal turmoil to achieve the intended results. Special events, interactions, team outings and other team activities help to build a social cohesion and rapport. Lots of fun and social outdoor activities can bring the entire organization together whether 30, 300 or 3000.
While these cost-effective employee engagement activities work well to improve productivity, a tad of empathy, guidance and recognition in the course of a daily routine also do wonders to boost the morale of a team.



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