The 50 Most Influential Women in Business with Blogs You’ll Love


Of all the lists we could make right now, this one feels the most exciting. Maybe because it’s a sign of what’s to come in the business world. Women aren’t just getting promoted to the top of big businesses, but they’re creating their own – and faster than ever before. While only 30% of all businesses around the world are led by women, female-run businesses are growing 1.5 times faster than any other new businesses, with some estimates suggesting that they are single-handedly providing over five million jobs.

That’s big news.

This list is a celebration of women who are not only succeeding in business, but who are inspiring and helping others to do the same. While they come from diverse industries and backgrounds, all of them have been chosen for one simple reason: They should be on your radar.

Whether you check into their blogs daily or weekly, keeping your finger on the pulse of what these success female business bloggers are up to is a sure way to keep going, and a fabulous reminder that progress in the business world is being made because women are making it happen – and making sure they help others on their rise to the top.

1. Marie Forleo

Yes, she rubs shoulders with Oprah – and Richard Branson. But Marie Forleo is so much more than just a big name. Her videos, published under the name Marie TV, cover everything from how to be creative in business to how to write better copy. With interviews that you want to watch again and again (like her talk with Elizabeth Gilbert or Anthony Robbins), Marie Forleo is committed to helping women succeed in business. Her tagline “The world needs that special gift that only you have,” encapsulates her passion for ensuring that the women she works with aren’t just successful, but that they’re happy and fulfilled, too. Open blog here.

2. Franchesca Ramsey

An actor, vlogger, and writer, Franchesca Ramsey has discovered the secrets for how to create a life that is fun and successful – and all while doing exactly what you love. The author of the new book Well That Escalated Quickly, Franchesca is quick-witted and hysterical, which makes her business blog one that you actually look forward to reading. And, the best part, is that you’ll learn something to! If you are working on growing or starting your business online, Franchesca is your girl. Open blog here.

3. Ali Brown

Often referred to as the “Entrepreneurial Guru for Women”, not having Ali on this list would be a big deal. A savvy business coach that is followed regularly by nearly a quarter of a million followers, Ali’s latest blogs share an overview of her Glambition podcast episodes (which you should definitely subscribe to). A big enough name to interview some of the most successful and fascinating women in business, Ali’s blog is one you should check in at regularly. Open blog here.

4. Natalie MacNeil

Not only is Natalie MacNeil one of the top coaches for female entrepreneurs, but she’s an Emmy Award winner, too. The brains behind She Takes on the World, Natalie has had a hand in helping over a million different businesses around the world succeed. Known for her ability to break everything down to actionable, easy-to-follow steps, her blog goes beyond just “typical” success tips, covering everything from “superhuman health” to “how to live in alignment.” Her blog also features posts by guests, too! Open blog here.

5. Elizabeth Gilbert

One of the best-known and beloved authors of the 21st century, Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of perennially popular (and life-changing) books, like Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic. Her work in the world of creativity is inspirational for entrepreneurs and creatives looking to find their footing and their fulfillment. In addition to her podcast, Big Magic, Elizabeth keeps up her blog fairly regularly, which is packed with “hashtaggable” takeaways. Open blog here.

6. Nathalie Doremieux

Nathalie Doremieux’s work is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs translate their vision to their online platform. A pro at building websites that are engaging and super successful, Nathalie is the co-founder of New Software Marketing, which covers everything from website design to creating online courses and membership sites. New Software Marketing’s blog is practical and helpful, especially for women looking to take their online business to the next level. Open blog here.

7. Nikki Elledge Brown

The “Communication Stylist”, Nikki Elledge Brown is well known for her work as the host of the popular podcast “Naptime Empires”. A former park ranger, Nikki is a professional writer, speaker, and the creator of the copywriting eCourse, A Course About Copy. Dedicated to helping entrepreneurs find “their real voice” behind their business, her blog is full of personality and, as you might expect, really great writing. Not only will you get to know her (she’s a military wife and mom of two) but you’ll learn a lot about great business along the way. Open blog here.

8. Ash Ambridge

The founder of The Middle Finger Project, Ash Ambridge is a savvy business woman, writer, and self proclaimed smart ass. Her project is unconventional in the business world, and that’s exactly why so many women love it. Teaching women how to be strong, independent, and unapologetically unique, The Middle Finger Project’s blog is your new best friend and guide for creating an online career you totally love. Open blog here.

9. Otegha Uwagba

A writer and brand consultant, Otegha Uwabga is also the founder of Women Who. With an impressive resume that includes time at Vice and AMV BBDO, Otegha’s Women Who is so much more than a blog, although it’s that, too. Offering a Toolkit for women in business, Women Who also delivers awesome advice and inspiration from Otegha straight to your inbox. The podcast, In Good Company, is like a blog you can listen to, which is perfect for those of us who need a shot of inspiration directly into our ears. Open blog here.

10. Sue B. Zimmerman

Also known as the “Instagram Expert,” Sue B. Zimmerman is a genius when it comes to helping business owners find their footing on Instagram through social media strategy. Working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, Sue B.’s blog is empowering and specific, offering a great balance of inspiration and actionable tips for learning how to master Instagram. Open blog here.

11. Emma Drew

Making money online is what Emma Drew is all about. But the best part is that, unlike some mentors that find themselves a little too far in left field, Emma offers practical advice that actually applies to real people. Offering tips on her blog for people looking to create a successful online business, as well as those just wanting to make a little extra money on the side, Emma’s blog also gives you access to a free 6-week money making course and other helpful worksheets and tips. Open blog here.

12. Brene Brown

One of the most influential speakers and authors today, Brene Brown’s voice helps people around the world feel braver and better. For business owners and entrepreneurs, Brene Brown has founded Brave Leaders Inc, which is helping businesses of all sizes create change through courage. Her blog, as you can imagine, is juicy, helpful, and filled with “Ah-ha!” moments. Open blog here.

13. Courtney Johnston

A professional copywriter and business expert, Courtney Johnston started The Rule Breaker’s Club in 2011 while living in Paris. A rebel at heart, Courtney offers advice on her blog about what it takes to really make it in business, no matter what type of business you’re in. She focuses on things like how to increase sales and conversions through awesome copy and step-by-step systems that break down exactly what you need for success. Open blog here.

14. Crissy Herron

Want to work from home but are afraid you won’t have the motivation to be successful and stay consistent? Crissy Herron’s Indie Biz Chicks blog is where you need to know. An entrepreneur since 2007, Crissy is a Michigan native who uses her Indie Biz Chicks platform to offer advice and inspiration to women in business for themselves, whether they are just starting out or already up and running. Open blog here.

15. Marney Reid

The founder of Stilettos on the Glass Ceiling (SOTGC), Marney Reid is passionate about helping women learn what they need in order to advance their business or professional career. The information posted on SOTGC is created by a community of women who are collaborating and supporting each other on their way to the top. Want to feel inspired as a modern business woman? Getting to know Marney and the women at SOTGC is a great place to start. Open blog here.

16. Alex Beadon

Focusing on topics like social media, selling, marketing, and mindset, Elex Beadon understands what it takes to create and follow a successful online business model. Her expertise lies in online information business models, although her blog offers plenty of information about how to leverage all online businesses in order to live a meaningful life that you really love. Open blog here.

17. Cathrin Frisemo

A guide helping women navigate life as it becomes more and more digitized, Cathrin Frisemo teaches you how to trust your instincts to not only survive, but to also thrive while leading others on the way. An entrepreneur herself, Cathrin’s blog is personal and helpful, giving you great advice while also letting you in on her life adventures, like her new book I’m a Cebra. Open blog here.

18. Tiffany Angeles

Want to learn how to stop chasing money? Tiffany Angeles is the money expert you’ve been looking for. Not only does Tiffany help people achieve their full potential, but she offers “practical wisdom” that shifts your current thoughts and beliefs, opening yourself up to more money and success. Tiffany believes that money and dreams often go hand-in-hand. Her blog is filled with great advice about money, our beliefs, and the thought patterns that hold us back. Open blog here.

19. Beate Chelette

Also known as the “Growth Architect”, Beate Chelette sold her business in a multi-million deal made with one of Bill Gates’ media companies. Since her own business success, Beate has turned her attention to other women in business, creating online courses and training programs that are geared to helping women “succeed alongside the big boys.” The creator of The Women’s Code, Beate’s blog is a vast resource of business-minded information for women wanting to succeed. Open blog here.

20. Carrie-Anne Moss

The well-known actress from the Matrix series, Carrie-Anne Moss has created an incredibly inspiring collective for women, integrating her passion for parenting, yoga, and mindful living, with her brand Annapurna Living.  A “portal for growth and nourishment”, Annapurna Living offers inspiration for women looking to create a life they “crave” and who want to use their voice to gracefully lead others. Open blog here.

21. Denise Lee Yohn

Offering “bites” of knowledge about branding success on her blog, Denise Lee Yohn is someone every business owner should be familiar with. A brand leadership expert, business keynote speaker, and best-selling author, Denise has worked internationally with some of the biggest brands in the world, speaking at corporate events for behemoths like Facebook and Lexus. Open blog here.

22. Colleen Cassel

A career consultant who specializes in leadership, Colleen Cassel is the founder of Upstream Solutions. Her work, including her blog, focuses on mindfulness and how it’s the key to becoming more successful, happier, and productive in business and in your personal life, too. Open blog here.

23. Diana Alvear

A Peabody award winning journalist, Diana Alvear is using her experience to help women learn how to amplify their authenticity in order to use their voice to generate trust and value. Guiding women away from perfection and towards realness, Diana’s audio blog, which is a new podcast she is calling Out Loud, is debuting soon. Open blog here.

24. Rita Barry

The antithesis to the “trendy” website, Rita Barry designs and develops websites for female entrepreneurs that are based in measuring and marketing. Rita’s proven success as a website designer makes her an authority in many areas online businesses are looking to create or optimize. Rita’s expertise allows her to offer women advice for creating a customer journey that works, as well as a funnel that actually converts. Open blog here.

25. Sheryl Sandberg

Since 2008 Sheryl Sandberg has functioned as Facebook’s COO. Before Facebook, Sheryl was the VP at Google. At both companies, Sheryl’s business smarts helped generate the already giants boost revenues through lucrative advertising strategies. As one of the country’s most recognized and influential female executives, Sheryl’s passion project, Lean In, offers in-depth resources for women in business around the world. Open blog here.

26. Alex Head

Although she’s an up-and-comer in the food industry, Alex Head’s blog features must-read interviews she calls “From one girl boss to another…” An entrepreneur as well, Alex owns Social Pantry, which is a London-based catering company that has five different locations. One of Alex’s unique business perspectives is that she employs ex-offenders in England with her business. Open blog here.

27. Serena Guen

Serena Guen has taken blogging to the next level, turning her inspiration into a quarterly magazine known as SUITCASE. Serena, now the founder and CEO of the multimedia company, covers travel and fashion, as well as highlighting inspiring girl bosses and trailblazers, especially in the world of style. Open blog here.

28. Emma Isaacs

The founder of Business Chicks, Emma Isaacs is the type of rule-breaking mentor women love to follow. Emma created Business Chicks as a community for women setting out to achieve brilliant things. Offering connection and support, and tons of awesome advice, the stories shared on the Business Chicks blog is only the very tip of the iceberg. Open blog here.

29. Katrina Ruth Loterzo

An Australian writer with over fifty best-selling eBooks, Katrina has build seven-figure online businesses by “following zero” of the rules. Now an online business coach and success mentor to rebel women, Katrina’s blog is updated (almost) every single day. Open blog here.

30. Renae Bluitt

The creator and editor-in-chief of In Her Shoes, Renae Bluitt is also the founder of Crush Media. Check in at In Her Shoes blog regularly for inspiration from some of the “flyest” female entrepreneurs in the world. Get to know them, and what they wear, for a healthy dose of fun and business. Open blog here.

31. Kimra Luna

As a personal branding and online business strategist, Kimra Luna’s blog on her website, Freedom Hackers, is exactly what you would expect it to be: fun, exciting, and super memorable (oh, and cool, too). Teaching entrepreneurs how to find real freedom through their work, Kimra is an expert in online monetization and building brands that stick. Open blog here.

32. Jenn Scalia

On a mission to help make sure “the world knows your name,” Jenn Scalia knows what it feels like to have a business that is invisible online. While learning how to make her own business (super) successful, Jenn picked up a lot of great tips and strategies (like showing up consistently even when you start to doubt what you are doing), which she shares through her coaching, speaking, and her blog. Open blog here.

33. Cyndi Ramirez

Founder of Chillhouse and editor-in-chief of The Chill Times, Cyndi Ramirez is focused on one thing, making sure you are taking care of yourself. Starting a business, running a business, and being in business isn’t easy for women, which is why checking in with The Chill Times should be part of your regular self-care routine, something that goes beyond “bubble baths and spa retreats.” Self-care via self-discovery is what you’ll find at The Chill Times. Open blog here.

34. Sophia Amoruso

The founder of the incredibly successful Nasty Gal and the author of her book #GIRLBOSS, which is a New York Times Bestseller, Sophia Amoruso even has a Netflix series all about her rise to success. A creative genius and an embodiment of the word “hustle,” Sophia’s blog “Girlboss” teaches aspiring entrepreneurs and go-getters critical lessons on the way to success. Open blog here.

35. Pamela Slim

A successful business coach, Pamela Slim has made a name for herself by advising large companies how to connect with small businesses, bridging the gap between two naturally competitive (and often exclusive) interest groups. Working with entrepreneurs on a daily basis, Pamela is passionate about solving business problems with innovative and effective new ways of thinking. Open blog here.

36. Tara Gentile

A super successful podcast host and entrepreneur, Tara Gentile spends much of her time educating small businesses on how to creatively solve problems with the help of a community and support network. Honest about what works and what doesn’t, Tara is often named one of the most influential podcast hosts for business owners. Her articles are insightful, thought provoking, and educational. Open blog here.

37. Melissa Galt

A guide for entrepreneurs wanting to increase their success and their income, Melissa Galt does everything from coaching to consulting, as well as teaching simple systems that change everything. Having left her successful career in hospitality purchasing, Melissa has learned the rope to business the old-fashioned way – doing it herself and putting in the hard work. Open blog here.

38. Yasmine Khater

An award-winning business specialist and marketing expert, Yasmine Khater is also a psychologist. A well-known TEDx speaker, Yasmine doesn’t just want to help entrepreneurs build businesses – she wants to help build empires. Led by the belief that “business changes the world,” she sees her work as a way to contribute to the greater good. Motivational and smart, Yasmine is somebody you definitely want in your corner. Open blog here.

39. Mayi Carles

An artist by trade, Mayi Carles has learned how to succeed online by following a recipe that includes always being herself and allowing people into her “messy middle.” Mayi offers online courses, including her signature Life is Messy Bootcamp, for women looking to not only cross things off their bucket lists, but who also want to make money doing it. Open blog here.

40. Ilean Harris

An online sales expert and marketer with many accolades, Ilean Harris is also a business trainer and speaker. Her energy and passion to help women succeed will motivate you to follow your dreams. A big believer that you can have it all – faith, family, and your own business – Ilean’s blog gives you step-by-step advice and insight into her personal journey. Open blog here.

41. Amy Landino

A speaker, author, and YouTuber, Amy Landino knows her way around new media success. Having left her “safe path” in the corporate world, Amy is now the host of the popular AmyTV, which inspires people to go after what they want in life. A big believer in being proactive about your dreams, Amy’s blog/vlog is so good that you can (and should) binge on it. Open blog here.

42. Vanessa Van Edwards

A professional “people watcher”, Vanessa Van Edwards is known for her work as a behavioral investigator. Her research lab, the Science of People, is dedicated to learning about the human code in order to, among other things, “teach individuals how to succeed in business and life by understanding the hidden dynamics of people.” Get ready to take notes. Open blog here.

43. Christy Primmer

A “high-vibe, high-five kinda gal”, Christy Primmer has an energy that is contagious, amassing her thousands of followers and an impressive resume of success stories. A coach for women wanting to create a life and business they truly love, her work revolves around creating real, measurable results. Also a best-selling author, Christy’s blog is filled with great advice for women at any stage of their entrepreneurial journey. Open blog here.

44. Allison Braun

Want to work less, have more freedom and make more money? Allison Braun is a business coach that teaches women how to experience and get more (of everything) out of life. A former sexual expression coach, Allison now is a full-time business and lifestyle mentor helping people around the world “upgrade their quality of life.” Open blog here.

45. Rebecca Dickson

Known for her real-deal life hacks, Rebecca Dickson calls herself the “bullshit slayer” and “biz profit-maker.” Having collected a major following of women thanks to her “all-in” personality, Rebecca helps women in business generate more profit by analyzing your business’s current systems and strategies and then “promptly fixing it.” Open blog here.

46. Stephanie Nickolich

Dedicated to teaching female entrepreneurs build “seamless systems” so they can do more while working less, Stephanie Nickolich helps women change their perspectives so they can experience real success in their business and personal lives. Learning from Stephanie is learning how to crush your doubts, master your mindset, and develop business strategies that change everything. Open blog here.

47. Julie Parker

The founder and CEO of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy, Julie Parker speaks and presents regularly about leadership, the power of feminine energy, and entrepreneurship. Also the editor-in-chief of COACH magazine, Julie has worked with thousands of people around the world, inspiring them through her wisdom, intuition, and nurturing energy. Open blog here.

48. Melissa Pharr

Fueled by the belief that “every woman has a remarkable gift to share,” Melissa Pharr has created a multi million dollar business helping women move step-by-step into their own power so that they can achieve ultimate success. Her work helps women “create the mindset of a High Earner” while also turning them into a “money magnet.” Open blog here.

49. Kasia Gospos

The founder of Leaders in Heels, Kasia Gospos is working hard to create a community of female entrepreneurs that feel inspired, empowered, and nurtured. A wealth of information for women in business, Kasia’s Leaders in Heels has resources that range from helpful to eye-opening, as well as practical tips, guides, and lessons for #girlbosses and #mompreneurs that are designed to be shared. Open blog here.

50. Lisa Christine

One of those “connectors” every entrepreneur can use, Lisa Christine is an entrepreneur at heart, although she has spent much of her life in the corporate world working for major brands like American Airlines and IBM. Lisa loves to solve problems and connect people from all over the world. Her business intelligence and charisma has landed her impressive projects, including working on the STEX, a startup exchange for entrepreneurs created by MIT. Open blog here.

The fact that this impressive list is barely scratching the surface of powerful women who are leading the way in business is exciting to say the least. With new voices being added to the #girlboss movement around the world, it’s a powerful reminder that the world of business is evolving – and that women are leading the way.



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