Women Leadership Series

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Our leadership development programs have increased employee engagement by


while doubling capacity and increasing sales.


What is a leader anyway? Is leadership a skill or an approach that naturally emerges? Can the barriers restricting leadership be removed?  By engaging in Women Leadership Series participants wake up to, or become conscious of, leadership – not as personal achievement – but rather as emerging from being their values, vision and the future of the organization they lead. Ultimately, participants become the force driving the future of the organization.


Experience a 10 module series – each consisting of a full-day learning experience specifically designed around the strength of women leaders. The modules move participants from thinking about leadership – as something they either aspire to or as a set of skills they need to acquire – to being a leader in their organizations and in their lives.

Bold conversations force participants to confront their fears and their authenticity as leaders. Participants discover the impact on themselves, their work lives, and their organization, and gain the clarity required to begin the work of transforming their leadership.


Session 1 – Work Naturally

You will learn your unique management style and strengths then how to articulate to them to others. How that style best interacts with other personalities. You then focus on your values, strengths and weaknesses. Covering the 6 C’s of leadership you reflect on how you can make them part of your own style.

Session 2 – The Mindful Leader

In this session you connect your work and projects to the Big Picture while accelerating your development. Spend time connecting Your Work + Projects to your organization’s Big Picture, Leading on Purpose, Making Commitments to Drive Your Leadership Development, Using Delegation to Drive Development and Letting Go by understanding the competence of your team members.

Session 3 – Women Leader’s Presence

Your presence impacts how you are listened to, how your ideas get heard and when you get trusted. In this session you’ll learn How You Show Up Matters, Listening as a Noun, Defining Your Stance, Your Leadership Triggers (SCARF model – Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness + Fairness), Opening Conversations and Meetings POWerfully
What you get:

Session 4 – Meetings that Produce Results

Your meetings illustrate your leadership so deliver results in less time than others. You’ll be covering Getting Clear on the Purpose of Your Meeting, How to Accelerate Results by having XYZ Agendas, Opening Meetings POWerfully, Asking the right questions to Accelerate Results, Getting the Right People to Your Meetings.

Session 5 – Clear Courageous Conversations

In this session you focus on having the courage to speak up to increase your contribution and speak out for results + culture. Communicating for High Performance through Results versus Reasons, Questions are the Answer Best Practice, Sharing to Increase Engagement, Negotiation Mindset, Push Pull Conversations.

Session 6 – Effectively Lead Change Projects and Handle Resistance

Implementing change requires both the right change tactics and the ability to support individuals through their personal resistance. You’ll be learning specific skills like; Implementing Change Simulation “Profit from Change”, Mobilizing for Successful Change with Self and Others, Implementing Change Tactics at the Right Time, Using the Right Change Tactics to shift all Change Adopter Types, Implementing through all phases of Change, Handling individual leader and team member Resistance.

Session 7 – Leading in Challenging Times

Developing VUCA in the face of VUCA so each leader has the ability to bring what is required to a conversation or situation.
VUCA or Volatility + Uncertainty + Complexity + Ambiguity become Vision, Understanding, Clarity, + Agility, Self Care, Making Difficult Decisions, Collaborative Problem Solving, Using Resilience to increase leader effectiveness.

Session 8 – Developing Your Team including Stakeholders

Get the best from your team and your stakeholders by taking a more strategic approach.
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Leveraging Team Strengths, Working Through Others, Development Conversations, GROW Coaching strategies (Goal, Reality, Options, What’s Next), Building strength in others, Helping People Stretch, How we show up in meetings, Designing and Using Stories for Impact.

Session 9 – Leading Up

Tactics to influence and guide other leaders in the organization to achieve multiple outcomes.
Your Stakeholder Effectiveness, Leverage Your Existing Value Chain, Impacting Across Value Chains, Creating Powerful Results-based Conversations and tracking results, Increasing Your Visibility and the Visibility of Your Projects, Leveraging Your Strengths, Analyzing What Derails Your Results

Session 10 – Accelerating Your Results

50% of ideas that employees propose get lost so tracking results proves value and creates career opportunities. Every innovation + it’s source gets recognized. Celebrate improvements in productivity (time), sales increases + effectiveness (profit). Apply learning to impact real challenges + seize opportunities. Watch intangible ideas transform into tangible results.