Stress Test For Your Leadership Team


Stress. Leaders experience more stress than ever before. Your leaders waste time because they delay confronting stressful situations head on and instead focus on the stress they feel. Where does that get them? No further ahead…

You rarely get to see how your leaders handle situations that are stressful because you are not likely in the room when “it” hits the fan. You just see the outcome.

So instead, invest in a practical way to see how they perform in a situation that mimics real life in a time-pressured, team based challenge. Participants in Learn2 Save the Titanic™ experience real leadership in a high-pressure situation — the ultimate stress test for your leadership team. Participants determine how they will achieve results, and each team has complete freedom of choice in each action they take. So they get to see the impact of their choices in real time.

We structure the environment so participants deal with stress and continue to create a number of innovative solutions in a short period of time – even with the stress. The result is that they quickly figure it out. Their communication, their openness to ideas and their willingness to take risks are called to task as participants face their own performance head on. And because it is a simulation with a “role” they are playing, they are free to come up with the solutions without constraints of their regular way of working. This gives them, and you, the freedom to challenge, practice and discover alternative ways of communicating, leading and creating team – to cross over that line and get different results.

During the experience, your leaders will go from being cautious, polite and organized into experiencing everything required to create a high-performance team. So we can talk about leading under stress, or we can just do it and learn from it. Stop investing in training that doesn’t test their leadership skills…improve the ROI from your development dollars by investing in the ultimate stress test for your leaders. Join us on the Titanic and maybe this time it won’t sink!

When you are ready to talk about keeping your team afloat, we are here for you, with enough lifeboats in hand.

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Each person has a natural communication style.
Understanding yours can and will impact how effective you are when dealing with friends, co-workers and clients.

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