Sales Training for Beginners: 5 Ways to Improve Your Closing Skills


Some people say that great salesmen are born and not made, but everyone is capable of improvement and there are concrete ways for novices to improve on their ability to close with sales training for beginners. Just as the masters of their disciplines must put in the time to become a better artist or musician or hockey player, so too must great salesmen apply some elbow grease to their craft for better results.

Sales Training for Beginners

There are so many books written on how to improve sales and salesmanship. You do not need to read every single one of these business books, but even going through a single book per month can help you reach new heights. Try to spend at least fifteen minutes per day reading through the books written by experts and professional trainers. Go through different topics — sales of products, website sales, sales in countries around the world — so you can get a wider breadth of understanding.

Keep a Tally of Your Sales

By a simple whiteboard and soft marker and keep a tally of your sales metrics — dollars brought in, units moved, new customers, etc. Track each day but also over the span of weeks and months. Numbers don’t lie and they will tell you where you are strong and where you are weak so you can invest more time into becoming better at a part of your craft, like cold calling.

Talk With Others

Many salesmen are born talkers, and although some may be reluctant to share their secrets you are sure to find others willing to help out a rookie. Ask members of your own team, former employees, or just salesmen and women you find out in the corporate world. There are referral groups you can join to get more advice on how to convince customers of a product’s vale.

Set Achievable Goals

Although anyone will tell you that you can have your best day right next to your worst day, the numbers do matter. Set a target for each month and do your best to hit it or surpass it. Set it low at first so it is easily achievable, then increase by a small value.

Talk With Customers

You may be surprised by how customers are willing to give criticism of your sales skills. After all, they may encounter several salespersons each day, so they know who is good and who is not. Ask them what they think of your opening and if it needs changing.

If your company is not having the numbers come in that they would like, you can look to help in improving a salesforce’s skills. We can help with sales training for beginners so that your company has the staff on hand needed to get a great product into the hands of your customers.



Each person has a natural communication style.
Understanding yours can and will impact how effective you are when dealing with friends, co-workers and clients.