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The Million Dollar Leadership Challenge

In the Million Dollar Leadership Challenge, leaders practice leading actual projects through a series of 6 modules over 6-9 months to achieve incremental revenue and improved efficiencies producing $1 million in bottom line profit. Leaders receive 1:1 coaching to support them learning and leading their team, their projects, and their results. The leaders choose a real-life challenge – to add $1 million to the bottom line. At the same time leaders improve their team’s and personal results. Leaders choose, implement, and report on their projects. The projects require leaders to acquire resources, engage stakeholders, gain approvals, achieve results in a specific timeframe, and present the impact of their project based on facts… all of which develops their leadership capabilities.
If you believe in leadership and want leaders NOT “leadership development”, then this is the program for you! Invest in your leaders and receive a big return – a million dollars in profit. Leadership is about creating other leaders AND creating results. This challenge requires leaders to achieve a quantifiable impact on business goals by cutting through your personal resistance, your teams’ resistance, and project resistance to achieve results – the true measure of a leader and their leadership! “Engaging in results-based, rather than reasons-based conversations changes the game of leadership.” – Doug Bolger, Chief Learning Officer, Learn2
The Million Dollar Leadership Challenge
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15x Companies that emphasized leadership development outperformed others by 15 times over the past 60 years, according to a report from Cutting Edge Information, an independent research company in Durham, NC.

400% Return on Investment by leaders who complete the program.

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