The Million Dollar Leadership Challenge

Program Awards:

Companies that emphasized leadership development outperformed others by 15 times over the past 60 years, according to a report from Cutting Edge Information, an independent research company in Durham, NC.

Return on Investment by leaders who complete the program.

What if your leaders could benefit from our 30 years of experience with over 10,000 clients? What if they could receive distilled insights within a leadership challenge focused on growing your organization’s ability to achieve more with less, while simultaneously strengthening your human capital?  Refine the leaders of today and identify the leaders of tomorrow through a customized suite of proven programs and facilitators that takes your investment and produces a 4:1 return directly to your bottom line.

Designed specifically to challenge to your leaders to add one million dollars in proven impact to the bottom line of your organization, the Learn2 Million Dollar Leadership Challenge program allows you to define the leadership standards for the participants, and how they will be held accountable. We engage our senior leadership + facilitators together with your talent development leaders in order to integrate our program and build on your existing leadership development programs, strategies, and processes to ensure seamless integration.

We provide you with a detailed blueprint illustrating how the program, the modules, and the exercises link together within the Million Dollar Leadership Challenge to grow your leaders and deliver results, including clear leadership guidelines and consequences using objective measures that will be calibrated by the team.  Through design meetings, customized modules to fit your business and desired outcomes, multiple interactive learning sessions over a 6 to 9 month time-frame, 1:1 executive coaching together with ongoing reporting and tracking, participants discover that knowing about leadership and being a leader live on different experiential planes.

We deliver results. No group has ever failed to return $1,000,000 in bottom line swing.


Program results

Lead teams to dramatic success quickly
Develop leadership in others
Implement important internal projects quickly
Prepare for greater responsibility
Develop the leadership to implement organizational change initiatives


We have thousands of items my team has to "process" every day, many items worth millions of dollars, and generating significant revenue for us. I now more clearly see the dependencies between departments and the benefits of building bridges with the leaders in other areas of the company. I will be better prepared to streamline processes, increase revenues, and decrease costs. It’s less about quick fixes and more about long-term solutions to increasing customer and employee satisfaction.

Associate Vice-President,

Actual hands on activities were quite beneficial: It was fun, and supremely frustrating as well at times, which has helped me better understand that there are always bottlenecks (sometimes people, sometimes processes) and reinforced the fact that everyone learns at a different pace.

Vice President,

Seeing how ‘smart efficiencies’ can influence the end result in a big way was a game-changer for me. The program also confirmed my feeling that it is most important to consider the impact of change and the actions of individuals on others, and look at planning for long-term outcomes, not just short-term results.






The first design of this program was for Directors moving to the Vice President level. Since then, we have engaged High Potential Global Leaders from Senior Manager through Vice President level and up.
Yes, the intention of the program is to prepare executive-level bench strength and to prepare for roles that may not currently exist. Often the participants are High Potentials with double jump potential. In the end, you get to see firsthand how resilient they are and their leadership capabilities.
Yes, any high potential development program that focuses on skill development misses the potential of aligning leaders to producing business results and ignores the input of High Potentials that want the opportunity to solve organizational issues. The program integrates perfectly into existing high potential development programs and could be the basis of your entire High Potential development program.


High Potentials tell us that this is exactly the development that most motivates and engages them. If you are still concerned, our Career Builder Program is a perfect-pairing. Career builder is a talent retention program that maps out multiple paths for the career aspirations of High Potentials and High Performers within your organization.
6 to 9 months with a month of preparation and a month of reporting after. The leadership modules typically last 1 to 2 days. The coaching calls last 25 minutes once a week.
15 to 30 leaders get identified. You choose the selection process that reinforces your culture. Our leadership programs scale by adding additional coaches which may allow you to add more participants.


No problem, many organizations have tackled serious challenges with the implementation of business strategies, key performance indicators and organizational goals. The leadership of your organization agrees on the targets most meaningful to your business strategy.
We deliver results. No group has ever failed to return $1,000,000 in bottom line swing. One group was challenged to deliver the result in the program timeframe. Our promise is that we continue modules and coaching until the participants deliver one millions dollars in bottom line swing. 100% of groups deliver over goal.
Lawyers, accountants, engineers, executives, IT geeks and Olympic athletes & coaches say no. Different styles of activities and challenges guarantee engagement from different participants so we vary the activities for full engagement.