The Million Dollar Leadership Challenge

What if your leaders could benefit from our 30 years of experience with over 10,000 clients? What if they could receive distilled insights within a leadership challenge focused on growing your organization’s ability to achieve more with less, while simultaneously strengthening your human capital?  Refine the leaders of today and identify the leaders of tomorrow through a customized suite of proven programs and facilitators that takes your investment and produces a 4:1 return directly to your bottom line.

Designed specifically to challenge to your leaders to add one million dollars in proven impact to the bottom line of your organization, the Learn2 Million Dollar Leadership Challenge program allows you to define the leadership standards for the participants, and how they will be held accountable. We engage our senior leadership + facilitators together with your talent development leaders in order to integrate our program and build on your existing leadership development programs, strategies, and processes to ensure seamless integration.

We provide you with a detailed blueprint illustrating how the program, the modules, and the exercises link together within the Million Dollar Leadership Challenge to grow your leaders and deliver results, including clear leadership guidelines and consequences using objective measures that will be calibrated by the team.  Through design meetings, customized modules to fit your business and desired outcomes, multiple interactive learning sessions over a 6 to 9 month time-frame, 1:1 executive coaching together with ongoing reporting and tracking, participants discover that knowing about leadership and being a leader live on different experiential planes.

We deliver results. No group has ever failed to return $1,000,000 in bottom line swing.