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Investing in Participant-Driven Learning Development

Team engaging in participant driven learning development with a Learn2 program

You know that the best learning is never an event. It’s a continuous process of discovering insights that are meaningful to you. You then consider what you are going to do about it.

What if you got supported to deepen your insights and discover places to deliberately practice new behaviors? What if you were supported in translating insights into actual applications? What if you changed how you do what you do and created new value and benefits?

Starting the Journey of Participant-Driven Learning

A Participant-Driven learning experience delivers support to help your team put their learnings into practice. So, sharing the incredible evolution of our Naturally Series, we link the different learning components and modules with Power Modules in an entire Participant Journey.

Learning and Development with Instructional Design

The most important thing about developmental learning is to embrace some basic instructional design concepts, and understand how they apply to Participant Journeys. Start with the “Four D’s of Instructional Design,” to initiate well-designed learning.

1. Describe

The facilitator uses POW to describe the concept, why it is important, what it can impact, when to use it, and the value it can provide INSIDE the Problems (challenges) your participant’s experience and the opportunities the participants experience. In essence, we share an XYZ of the benefits and impacts for the participants, teams, and leaders.

2. Demonstrate

Using relevant examples, the facilitator demonstrates how the participants could use the new practice or concept and provide situational examples that show how it works and the benefits.

3. Do

At this stage, participants begin to deliberately practice the new behavior themselves. Participants learn by doing, which makes the learning much more effective while building ownership.

4. Debrief

The facilitator asks questions of the participants to have them actively reflect on their learning, asking questions like:

  • What did you learn?
  • How did you find it in practice?
  • What challenges do you see in applying this behavior?
  • How would you make it a best practice?
  • What else did you find out?
  • How do you feel about it?

Applying Learned Knowledge

Knowledge and insights learned remain irrelevant until applied. Application of learning drives value as participants identify how and when to apply their learning, insights, and new behavior to impact the business. Impact coaching and impact projects support application and become ROI measures for the business unit and organization.

So, in essence, the first two stages – Describe and Demonstrate – are the context, and the second two stages – Do and Debrief – are where the actual learning takes place and ownership gets created.

Reinforcing Skills Through Learning Experience

We support participants by reinforcing what teams have learned through their development. The learning modules in the Prepare phase of the participant journey engages participants with assessments, tools, and videos to reduce the “Teach” or “Learn” portion of programs. A key benefit of this is that it allows more time for the Describe and Demonstrate stages – which becomes the value moving forward from the actual experience. In this way, more time during the learning experience gets invested in the high-value “Do and Debrief” stages, where the key learning happens for participants.

The Difference in Learn2’s Participant-Driven Approach 

Our participant-driven approach is what makes us different. For example, with the Naturally Series, at least a half-day’s worth of teaching gets completed online – before the experience! We make the participant-driven experiences more immersive, more relevant, and of course – more participant-focused leading teams to drive better outcomes from their experience. Participants then drive faster implementation, which becomes the source of the actual transformation. 

Find the Path to Success

Find Your Solution

Creating an Environment for Efficient Learning 

This approach to team learning delivers value at least 10 days in advance of the experience. The learning in our 10-day pre-experience means less time during the experience is spent teaching, which leaves more time for learning. With this, a full-day Naturally experience can be configured to address your pain points (objections, questions, acknowledgement, etc.), and your team learning becomes more efficient as we reduce the teaching required during the experience. 

Compare that to an ongoing business transformation journey, where participants apply their learning, then gather together again for another experience. Each time, participants get Describe and Demonstrate in advance and then receive Reinforcement, Sustain, and Amplify after.

When you consider what you want from your team, whether it be better communication, more ownership, or clearer responses, the value of our journeys becomes incredibly clear. You do not get learning; you get best practices that drive better business value. Any difference in investment is insignificant, given that there is a much better chance of altering behavior in an ongoing amplifying program. Participants receive at least 2.5 times more learning than they would at an actual 1-day event for less than double the cost of a 10-day program. 

Work With Learn2 to Enhance Your Team’s Learning 

Empower your team to learn while enhancing communication and collaboration. We worked hard to get this all put together, so you and your business can focus on creating lasting organizational development.

About Author

Doug Bolger is the world’s foremost instructional designer for participant-driven designs. He is changing how the world works, by changing how the world learns.


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