Top 3 Signs Your Organization Needs a Culture Change


Culture isn’t as much what you believe, as how you behave. Culture is what you observe in actions and language every day. Culture is the living values of your organization, not the printed values. And most of the time, your culture trumps strategy. Some experts even say culture eats strategy for breakfast.

So how do you recognize when you need a culture change?


Culture Change – A Look From The Inside Out


1. If you are doing all of the right things and you are not getting results – you need a culture transformation.

Something is missing. What’s missing is likely a strong culture. A bad culture kills even the greatest organizational missions or best created strategies. You may be missing a culture of results, execution, honesty and that is great news. Because you can transform your culture.

2. If conversation is about the past instead of the future – you need to shift perspective in your culture.

If the conversations and the people having them are excited about a powerful future, that’s alignment and a positive sign. When conversations are stuck in the past, you have a culture stuck in opposition. Don’t worry – its common. It’s easy to see the way forward as being filled with obstacles which keeps your team glorifying the past. The good news is that you can quickly align your team through an engagement process to bridge the gaps. You can often solve this in 2 days with monthly and quarterly celebrations of progress.

3. You can’t seem to hang onto good people.

You invest a lot of money in hiring the right people with the right skills, and 6 months later, they leave and you have to do it all over again. This means you have a culture challenge. Everyone wants the best talent and you need to take action. This culture change may be about the culture or even about the leaders reinforcing the culture. The good news here, is that you have a massive upside for taking action. Onboarding and retraining staff is incredibly costly and retaining high performers generates lots of funds. Take action.

Do you see these signs in your organization? If so, we can help. Check out these tips on how to convince your boss that your organization needs to invest in culture to achieve different results.

Culture Change – A Look From The Outside In

A strong business strategy leads to a successful future. Your mission and vision determine the what and why of what you do. And yet, even with a strong mission and vision, most organizations don’t succeed. Why? Because their culture determines how people feel and behave. How the work gets done. How customers experience your organization. So how do your customers or competitors know that you have a culture problem?

1. Customers leave your organization and purchase similar products or services from competitors.

They feel like you or your leaders did not care about them or their business. Perhaps no relationships ever got created. The good news is that one program can transform your team’s ability to connect quickly with customers – your buyers. So buyers feel the kind of connection they want naturally during their customer experience.

2. Your company washrooms are dirty.

No need to say more. Some hygiene factors drive customers away. A customer advisory board can quickly identify issues. For a bank, at the first client advisory board meeting, every customer expressed hatred for a screen message that affected 200,000 customers. Quickly removed, the bank received thousands of thank you messages. It is that easy!

3. Revenues are lower than last year at this time, and there has been no significant change in the product offerings or economic climate around you.

In fact, you have seen a consistent downward revenue or profitability trend. You have a burning issue and its time to take action. You need to stop fiddling while Rome burns! Take action right away.

Do customers see these signs in your organization? If so, we can help.

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