Lead the Endurance


You’re looking for a way to engage your leaders. You want them to explore how they lead, not talk about leadership. You want an experience where they identify new leadership behaviors for themselves. You want them to explore practices to ensure their teams and results thrive. You want them to lead differently.

What if you could immerse your leaders in an epic experience they would never forget? What if your leaders could relive the most challenging leadership situation on earth and live to tell the tale? What if your leaders discovered the answers to their challenges?

Lead the Endurance puts your leaders in the shoes of Sir Ernest Shackleton and the crew of the Endurance as they attempt to cross Antarctica. Follow step-by-step through the greatest story ever told. Discover how leading differently kept everyone alive while stranded in Antarctica for several years.

This immersive experience is for leaders or teams who are out to achieve BIG results. Choose this experience to challenge your leaders to communicate differently, collaborate meaningfully and overcome any situation. Lead the Endurance gives you the ability to target essential practices such as sharing the big picture, creating morale before it becomes necessary, and finding the action to overcome any obstacle.

How Does This Immersive Leader Experience Work?

Your leaders enter a chilled room. Videos, images and sound effects create the environment. The story gets told through high quality video. Your team face and learn from 7 challenges experienced by Shackleton and the crew of the Endurance. Challenges get identified based on your business goals and your desired outcomes. The resulting experience is uniquely-designed for your leaders.

Leadership Insight #1 – Choose your team wisely.

Sir Ernest Shackleton posted this ad for crew to join his quest. The ad received over 5000 replies. From those who applied he selected 28 who became the crew of the Endurance. Those 28 were able to achieve the impossible.

Your leaders explore how he selected the crew. Your leaders explore the skills and attributes necessary to cross Antarctica. Then your leaders consider their selection process. Your leaders determine what skills and attributes are necessary to achieve their results.

Leadership Insight #3 – Connect everyone to the Big Picture then communicate

The Endurance gets crushed. Imagine being trapped in Antarctica without enough food and no way home. How would that change your Big Picture? Find out how Shackleton responded. Then watch your leaders consider their Big Picture. Imagine them connecting their leaders and teams together in one simple and clear big picture.

This is a favourite Insight for many participants. Often the insights get applied to onboarding, team communications and strategic planning… This is why the length of the experience depends on you and your team. You get a unique design. Leaders often want to invest longer because their insights profoundly affect how they lead the business.

About the Lead the Endurance Leadership Experience

In Lead the Endurance your leaders create new leadership practices. Your business goals and learning outcomes get used to tailor the experience to your leaders, culture and goals. Flexible from 3 hours to 2-3 days - regardless of time, your leaders experience unprecedented development. The leadership insights focus on leading regardless of goals, challenges and obstacles. Results become the focus - not reasons. Your leaders create personal insights and practices to lead differently. Solutions they never forget.

The 7 modules ignite your leaders’ passion for results. If Shackleton failed to lead, they would not have survived. Your leaders become ready for situations in the workplace.

Lead the Endurance allows your leaders to explore:

     1) Team Selection - Choose the right team members to produce results

     2) Acknowledge and Continue - Develop a system to help others thrive inside challenges

     3) Big Picture – Practice connecting everyone to the big picture and communicating your big picture

     4) Morale – Create confidence and enthusiasm in your teams before it is required

     5) Action - Positively influencing your team to take action

     6) Commitment Regardless of Challenges - Inspire others to commit to big results

     7) Recognize Success - Establish confidence and capabilities from your successful commitments

  • Or design something unique for your leaders. We value clients who know what they want so feel free to get specific and clear.

By following Sir Ernest Shackleton, your leaders can transform their capabilities. Their experience deepens leader proficiency and communication skills. Your leaders improve results  to better your relationship with your immediate team and the larger organizational team no matter what situation you’re in. The Endurance is configured to you and your team, so it’s up to the leaders and their crew to create the right decisions in order to succeed in creating their big picture.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your expedition now.



Each person has a natural communication style.
Understanding yours can and will impact how effective you are when dealing with friends, co-workers and clients.