Experience The Greatest Leadership Challenge In The History Of Humankind​ – Join the Sir Ernest Shackleton’s legendary expedition as the crew of the Endurance, stranded in the harshest environment on earth.​


Designed to deeply engage leaders and High Potential Employees in an exploration of strategic leadership and execution.

History comes alive in this immersive experience. Designed to deeply engage leaders in an exploration of their personal leadership, Lead the Endurance™ refines your leaders’ ability to recognize and share insights about leading themselves, their teams and the organization as a whole.​

Experience the cold darkness of Antarctica. Complete with lanterns, videos, seal and penguin meat, teams face the circumstances along with Sir Ernest Shackleton and the crew of the Endurance. Experience, first-hand, the leadership required to overcome such a profound challenge as surviving the harshest climate on earth and living to tell about it!

With Learn2 and Lead the Endurance, your leaders and teams participate in ways that stretch them to think differently in unique situations and what it means to be a leader.

Your team is called upon to lead differently. Work together differently. Solve unsolvable problems differently.

They return to your company ready to give Results and make an Impact.

57% of projects fail due to communication breakdowns

A fully immersive experience gives your team impact and positive ROI – both now and long-term.

With our program, you can choose to add Impact Coaching.

We stay with your company after the program track and capture the results of your organization’s implementation of your new skill set.

By tracking your investment,  your leaders and team will efficiently leverage communication to solve problems and collaborate on company objectives. They will design impact statement and form triad accountability groups to hold them accountable to the results.

And, the best part – it can be measured as a ROI for the company, provide direct evidence of the value of learning and development.


“Great lesson learned! Will bring back many of the concepts back to my organization to improve our teamwork.”

– Martina Mayer, Employee Health Program Leaders, MICs Group of Health Services


“It was an amazing morning! Wish we would have started with this program and also ended with this!”

– Jennifer Babcock, Program Manager, Leisureworld

Lead the Endurance- A Leadership And Team Experience That's At A Whole New Level.