How Employee Training Can Provide a Competitive Edge


Many companies are beginning to see how employee training can help give their company a competitive edge over their competitors. In today’s business world, there are many businesses that offer the same products or services and some are more successful than others. Think about the restaurant industry, many thrive and open new locations while others close locations and shrink. The difference of course is good management but also a good team of highly trained employees. A good management team can only go so far, if their employees do not know how to provide the best service to clients, business suffers.

What to Include in Employee Training

When companies plan to hold training sessions for employees they often are at a loss for where to begin. It is important that employees understand more than just their job. Employees who understand the business and its goals are more likely to succeed than those who only know their job function.


The first step in good training for your employees is a solid orientation to the company. A company is made up of several parts and often many departments, but if one department ceased to exist, it would hurt the company as a whole. Employees need to be made to feel a part of the entire organization and not just the department from which they operate.

Specific Employee Training

An employee who thoroughly understands his or her job will be more successful than an employee who only has basic information. The employee should understand what happens in their department and how their job affects the company as a whole.

You can hold training sessions that include such topics as:

– Customer service

– Team spirit

– Human relations

– Quality control

– Communications

Ongoing Training

One of the problems that a company can face is their failure to keep providing employees with additional training. Technologies change and so do processes so that the more knowledgeable an employee is the better a company as a whole can outshine the competition.

Training employees can include on-site or online training. Setting up an Intranet for employees to take online training courses is also a good option if employees are in different geographical locations.

When someone does a job well, it gives them a sense of pride as well as a feeling of job satisfaction. Employees who are constantly rewarded will work harder to beat the competition. Motivated employees are the ones who will go over and beyond what is expected and when a company has these kinds of employees, they are competitive.


Employee training should not be a one off event, ongoing training is essential because the market is always changing. In addition to that, training your employees increases their loyalty to the organization. If you would like to learn more about employee training, have a look at our Employee Engagement Resource Library. It’s packed full of free resources.



Each person has a natural communication style.
Understanding yours can and will impact how effective you are when dealing with friends, co-workers and clients.