Be a High Trust, High Performance Leader


As a leader, why should you care about fostering a high trust environment on your teams? High trust teams are also high performance teams. Why is this true?

High Trust = High Performance

Consider your own situation for a moment. When you trust someone, you are more likely to be forgiving, you are more willing to take risks or share accountability. In an atmosphere of trust, you will stretch yourself because you know someone is there that will catch you. High trust, high performance leaders have people in their corner who will reliably provide helpful advice and counsel to knock off rough edges and save face.

In the absence of trust, a win/lose political gamester can easily submarine you!

When trust flourishes, so does your engagement with the task at hand, with the people performing it, and with customers who will experience the results. In a high trust environment the need for you to manage / hover is released, along with the creative energy that is tied up with those kinds of non-value add activities. Picture a larger span of control, your teams collaborating, and everybody having fun while producing great results. In contrast, a low trust environment shows up in terms of micro-management and restrictive rules; low trust drives out initiative and empowerment. Q: Where would you rather contribute your time and talent? A: Working with a high trust, high performance leader! Your team feels the same way you do!

As the high performance leader, it is your responsibility to foster a high trust environment in order to unleash high performance:

1. As you become a high trust, high performance leader, your division will become the de facto excellence model.

2. Your career trajectory will take off.

3. You will become a magnet for upwardly mobile high performers.

4. You will foster a virtuous loop of trans-formative change simply by following the alchemical process to build a high trust environment.

Learn2 has targeted Learn2 Lead and Learn2 Team programs to help you foster the environment necessary to be a high trust, high performance leader. Contact me for a discussion on how to get your leadership career moving by seeding trust, a foundational element if you plan to achieve exceptional results. How wonderful could it be?

~ Dr. Gail Johnson Morris



Each person has a natural communication style.
Understanding yours can and will impact how effective you are when dealing with friends, co-workers and clients.