Effective Communication Skills in the Workplace


Communication Skills In The WorkplaceThe productivity of any work environment is strongly impacted by the presence or absence of effective communication skills in the workplace. However, getting a message clearly communicated to others takes work and focus.

Work colleagues may have many different perspectives and preconceptions. Too often, we assume that everyone grasps and fully understands everything we tell them simply because we chose words to express ourselves. The problem is that words are not precise enough to communicate exactly what we intended to say. Instead, they are mere symbols or approximations for what we want to convey. How well those symbols are interpreted compared to what we intended to express defines whether our message is clear or not.

The Link Between Productivity And Communication Skills

All businesses are concerned about the level of productivity of its workers. Productivity is essentially a measure of the amount of work a given group can accomplish in a given period of time. Maximizing productivity requires that all workers are focused on the same goals and objectives. This common purpose requires clear communication of those goals.
In a productive work environment, each individual clearly understands the scope of what they are expected to contribute. This clarity allows individuals to contribute and be proud of the role they play in accomplishing a given goal. Without this clarity, workers often find themselves frustrated and unable to accomplish the designated tasks effectively.

Focusing On Developing Effective Communication Skills In The Workplace

The first step in developing communication skills that get the job done is to accept that this effort has a purpose. It is important to first have a well-defined message management wants to convey to its employees.
Once the message is defined, it must be communicated to all in a clear and effective manner. Then – and this is a crucial step – it is important to seek employee feedback. Each worker must be able to clearly understand and internalize not only the overall mission, but their role in bringing that mission to a successful conclusion.

The Role Of Management In Promoting Effective Communication Skills

Learn2 Communicate Naturally ProgramIf management is successful in effectively communicating its expectations from the top, it will greatly facilitate the horizontal communications among staff as well. This is the essence of defining effective team work: each individual knows the collective goal and their individual part in the effort. In turn, this promises to lead to an increase in productivity.

Don’t Take Effective Communication Skills In The Workplace For Granted

If there is any one overall lesson to remember about communication skills, it is that it must not be taken for granted. In fact, it is safer to assume that miscommunication is the norm. Developing and maintaining effective communication skills in the workplace is the responsibility of an effective management team.



Each person has a natural communication style.
Understanding yours can and will impact how effective you are when dealing with friends, co-workers and clients.