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How to Develop a Workplace Culture that Attracts the Right Candidates

By Caroline Assalian

Team members building a workplace culture that attracts top candidates with Learn2

Workplace culture is not only an effective retention tool, but it also affects which types of people are eager to become part of your organization. Company culture refers to both the operational and qualitative values that define what and how things are done, within and beyond your company. When looking to hire the right people, ensuring you can articulate and demonstrate value alignment will be critical for your ability to attract the right candidates who will be excited about what you are aiming to achieve and whom you are aiming to serve in your organization.

What Role Does Workplace Culture Play in Recruiting?

We have all heard it before: Hire for fit and train for skills. But that fit piece is very rarely discussed in a way that avoids bias and fully serves the needs of the organization or the people it is aiming to attract. Research shows that 77% of employers believe in finding a candidate who has the right cultural fit while 82% of employees have disliked their workplace culture, and 70% of them left jobs because of a poor cultural fit.1 When you recruit a team member who aligns with your corporate mission, vision, and values, you are far more likely to see both monetary and meaningful collaborative value.

A team member who feels accepted by and aligned with your corporate culture is more likely to:

  • Be effective and deliver on the quality of projects you are seeking
  • Demonstrate eagerness and ability to progress within their role and take on additional responsibility
  • Serve clients in ways that encourage positive stakeholder relations
  • Remain within the organization and, over time, contribute significant value to their departments and surrounding teams
  • Beyond how attracting the right candidate with a glowing company culture can serve your organization, there are also meaningful implications for the applicant.

When the right person acquires the right job, within a suitable environment, they:

  • Will be excited about going to work and forming lasting relationships
  • Enthusiastically seek out career advancement opportunities
  • Support current and future team members to recognize their alignment with the culture and encourage positive team building (and recruitment!)
  • Experience higher rates of self-esteem and confidence
  • Are less likely to take mental health and sick days due to work-related stress and dissatisfaction

How to Develop a Work Culture that Attracts Top Talent

The best way to foster a work culture that acts as a beacon for top talent is to live what you preach. When you implement programs, services, and benefits that show you really believe in the values you place on banners, the more readily you will be able to refer to these highlights of working with your company during interviews. Rather than speaking in broad generalities, when future prospects ask how you will support team member progression, work/life balance, and quality of employment, you will be able to cite specific examples of your commitment. This, in turn, will convince high-value talent you are worth investing their time and genius into.

Beyond just being able to speak to these positive attributes during interviews, your current and previous employees will act as brand evangelists for your company. Based on their positive experiences, they will be more likely to say great things within and beyond their networks – and that’s the best type of promotion you can’t even pay for.

Build a Strong Workplace Culture that Attracts Top Talent with Learn2

Creating effective teams that feel good about their contributions is easier said than done. It requires a fulsome understanding of exactly what people want and how to give it to them in sustainable ways. 

Partner with Learn2 to enhance your understanding of what the top talent is looking for and build a workplace culture that the right candidates are eager to be a part of.  Our team of specialists can help you build a strong workplace culture through team building and leadership coaching. We can help you transform your corporate culture that will impact your business and position your company within today’s competitive job market. Let’s connect your mission with the team members who will deliver on it. 

1 Robert Walters, The Role of Workplace Culture in Recruiting Top Talent.

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