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How Communication Training Leads to Better Teams

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Regardless of the industry, teamwork can be a core component of day-to-day work life. The more effectively the entire team works together toward common goals, the more profound the outcome can be. Nurturing teamwork within a work environment can be the key to reaching goals and excelling as an organization.

The most high-performing teams have usually undergone some level of communication training. Why is communication important in high-performing teams? Below is a look at how communication training leads to better teams and the true value of communication within a team.

The Benefits of Communication Training

While some people are naturally good at communication, not every individual knows how to put that skill to good use when working with a team. Communication training hones communication and engagement skills to enhance:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Listening skills
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Emotional awareness
  • Written communication skills

The better leaders and team members are with every area of communication, the more effectively they can connect with, engage with, and understand one another. This creates positive work relationships, reduces the risk of conflict, and creates better overall workplace efficiency.

How Communication Training Leads to Better Teams

How does communication improve teamwork? Take a closer look at how communication training leads to better teams.

Leads to Better Idea Articulation

The best team utilizes the best ideas from every individual to work through challenges and achieve common goals. However, if the members of the team don’t know how to express their ideas, this can mean a lot of good strategy falls by the wayside. Communication training ensures every team member learns how to express their ideas before a crowd, with other team members, or with leaders.

More Effective Customer and Client Engagement

A company can have the best services/products to offer. However, if the team responsible for interacting with customers or clients cannot communicate effectively, it really doesn’t matter. A well-versed team in communication can apply their skills with each other, but they also apply those same skills in sales situations.

Productive Conflict Resolution 

Conflicts within the workplace can generate an all-out crisis and impede overall workplace culture and efficiency. The better the team and leaders know how to communicate, the quicker they can all navigate through conflict and move on effectively. For example, if there is a conflict between two team members, these team members would face challenges working together to achieve a common goal. Conflict resolution through good interpersonal and listening skills could alleviate the situation. 

Heightened Productivity

A team that communicates well with one another is overall more productive. According to Computer World, 28% of professionals say that lack of communication is the primary cause of failed projects. Poor communication means unclear directions, misunderstood objectives, and unrelated information that hinders productivity.

Builds Stronger Business Relationships

A well-connected team values its members in every respect. The more team members and leaders are effectively capable of communicating, the stronger their bonds become. This human connection benefits individuals in everyday life, but it also creates a more resilient company culture for the organization.

Find Out How Learn2 Can Help with Effective Communication Training 

Our Learn2 Communication Skills Training workshops address several challenges that can come about with communication in a workplace. From facing challenges with connecting to helping leaders become more effective communicators, let Learn2 help you inject new communication strategies into your team. Reach out to find out more about our Communication Training workshops. 

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