New Hire Orientation Ideas


Think back to your first day at a new job. Were you greeted with mountains of forms to fill out, lame meetings on company policy, and about a million new passwords to set up? A bad first impression of a new role may influence whether new employees stay with your company. In fact, studies show that many workers make this decision in the first few months of work.

Why not make your new hire orientation an exciting, dynamic activity that really breaks the ice? Whether you are aiming to encourage collaboration between new and current employees, or inspire your entire team to meet new benchmarks, a fun, experiential learning workshops can be an effective way to meet your objectives and onboard a new team.
To help you decide on the right new hire orientation activities, we’ve paired our most commonly client requests with popular workshops that work:

“I want to inspire better collaboration between new and current employees.”

Try our team-building exercise called Connect & Collaborate. While some employees are probably already sharing best practices on an informal basis, this activity is ideal for engaging everyone from the green intern to the most senior staff. This activity is especially helpful for orientations, where you want to encourage sharing of best practices to support new hires.

“I want new staff to feel part of the team.”

Consider Bridge the Gap. In this workshop, employees work together to build a plan for the entire office, bridging the gap from where you are now, to where you want to be. Trust us – you’ll split your sides laughing when teams attempt to illustrate organizational gaps using tanks, police, dinosaurs and more! Learning about the goals of each department, you’ll create a common action plan that everyone can own. We’ll also share some indispensable techniques on how to encourage creative problem-solving and idea generation with “Yes, and…” circle exercises.

“I need to encourage effective communication between team members.”

Communicate Naturally could be the right workshop for you. This is a great first step that enables an entirely new team to really get to know each other. The learning is centered around individuals understanding their own communications preferences, which gives them a better filter on how to understand their interactions with others. Demanding active participation and full of laughter, the insight gained in this workshop provides a foundation for selling, leading, coaching and many other applications.

“I want to challenge my team to achieve big results.”

Try Inspire the Future. In this workshop, we’ll take your team from releasing the past, to identifying present needs. From there, we’ll support you to create a unified program to produce amazing results, with quarterly check points to benchmark your progress. Ready to inspire your team to change the world? This is the place to start.


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