National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

By Amy Truesdell

How Learn2 is reflecting on this National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

National Day of Truth and Reconciliation - Learn2
National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

At Learn2, we understand the importance of knowing our history. We take pride in making it our mission to inspire others to change the way the world learns.

As a team-building company that focuses on achieving lasting behavior change, we help to create courageous leaders and teams. By placing them in participant-driven environments, our future leaders can achieve lasting behavior change and generate impact.

This National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, it’s with a solemn reflection that our offices will be closed Thursday, Sept. 30th, 2021.  

Learn2’s very own Client Success Manager, Jonathan Wright shares his experience with us…

“My Grandfather was Ojibwe and while I’m only 1/4 Ojibwe and don’t really practice much of my history – there are some strong feelings on what has been discovered this past year. I will still be taking time to reflect – whether that is mandated by the government or not – and I urge us all to learn a little bit more about why we should take time and reflect. A pretty great resource I’ve been sharing with friends recently, and for anyone interested in learning more, can be found here:

We ask that you join us in showing your support to the Indigenous families, communities, and Survivors of residential schools who have lost their children.

How can I show my support?

Support comes in many forms:

  • have open, candid discussions about Canada’s role with the Indigenous Peoples history (and how to avoid repeating its mistakes)
  • educate yourself on Indigenous Peoples and cultures
  • discover the diverse experiences from recollections told by the First Nations, Metis and Inuit Peoples
  • wear an orange-colored shirt

You can begin your learning journey of National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, by visiting the Government of Canada’s Canadian Heritage page on

Learn2 can help you start changing the way you work by achieving lasting behavior change, visit for more details.

The Management and Staff at Learn2

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