How to Measure Sales Training Effectiveness


As most companies have a limited budget, it is important for them to measure sales training effectiveness. Doing this will ensure that the business is not spending money on ineffective training programs. There are a few different ways that employers can use to see how a specific sales program has impacted their business.

What Businesses Should Know About Measuring Sales Training Effectiveness

Evaluating training results requires both time and resources. Business owners will need to think carefully about how they will evaluate their staff. One of the most popular evaluation methods is Donald Kirkpatrick’s four level model. This model was developed in the 1950s. However, it has been adapted and modified over the years. No matter how much a business changes it, the basic structure of the model has stood the test of time. Discussed below are the important aspects of this model.

Level 4: Results. What benefits resulted from the training program?

Level 3: Behavior. Did the participants display a change of behavior in the workplace after their training?

Level 2: Learning. Did the training teach improve the participants knowledge and change their attitude towards sales?

Level 1: Reaction. How did the workers react to the training program?

How to Evaluate Sales Training Effectiveness

Listed below are the steps employers need to take to assess their training programs. These steps fall in line with the Kirkpatrick methodology.

– Design survey questionnaires, formulas and spreadsheets.

– Collect data by holding focus groups, handing out surveys and assessing sales results.

– Analyze the collected data and convert it into useful information which the business can use to evaluate the program.

– Report the results by writing a letter and distributing it to interested parties.

Discussed below are some sources where businesses can find information for their reports.

– Surveys completed by participants.

– Informal comments made by participants.

– Focus group sessions.

– Pre and post training test scores.

– On-the-job impact identifiers.

– Performance reports.

– Self-impact identifiers.

– On-the-job observation.

– Reports from third parties such as customers, peers and managers.

– Financial reports.

– Interviews with managers.

– Quality impact identifiers.

What to do if the Training Program is Ineffective

In many cases, managers will find that their training program is either ineffective or out of date. If this happens, managers can either seek a new training provider or ask their current provider if they have better programs.

Some employers will be tempted to get rid of the program altogether. As the business world is constantly changing, this is a bad idea. Staffs need effective sales training in order to keep up with the competition. If you are interested in sending your staff to a training program, please contact us. You can choose from a variety of sales training programs designed uniquely to your sales team’s needs.



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