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“Do or Do Not: There is No Try” – Embracing Full Commitment in Leadership

Ever faced a business challenge so daunting, your first thought was to RSVP ‘no’ and binge-watch something less terrifying—like anything other than your task list? Welcome to the club. But here’s a little nudge from our green guru,

Master Yoda: “Do or do not. There is no try.”

In leadership, this isn’t just about flipping the switch from ‘meh’ to ‘all-in’; it’s a call to banish the half-hearted “tries” and embrace the full-throttle “dos”. Why? Because in the vast cosmos of business, there’s no prize for participation. Results orbit around action, not intent.

I’ve learned most in the room as so many groups of leaders from the best places to work explore our Results versus Reasons philosophy at Learn2. Embracing this distinction is crucial for talent development professionals and business unit leaders aiming for actual performance.

Here’s how you can shift from a try-er to a do-er:

  1. Set Clear Goals as a Team: Like Yoda training Luke with a clear outcome (nope, not to make a swamp stew), set definite goals together regardless of how swampy the perspectives. Ambiguity is the mind-killer, or was that fear? Either way, be clear. Group goal-setting is essential to build a team of leaders committed to achieving business outcomes.
  2. Decisive Choice-Making: When faced with choices, channel your inner Jedi master. Make choices swiftly by engaging all the perspective then choose together. Dithering is for droids.
  3. Accountability is King: Keep yourself and your team accountable. No Jedi ever saved the galaxy by saying, “I’ll try to defeat the Sith by Friday, but no promises.” Accountability ensures that leaders develop until they achieve tangible business results.
  4. Cultivate Resilience: You will face setbacks. Maybe not swamp monsters, but the business equivalent. When you do, remember: resilience turns “I can’t lift the X-Wing” into “I just parked it next to the Falcon.” Resilience to achieve meaningful goals is key in executive development.
  5. Inspire Your Team: You’re the Yoda to your team’s Luke. Lead by example. Show them that commitment means never having to say you’re sorry for only trying. Inspire them through effective leadership and management training experiences that emphasize results over reasons.

Now, go forth and do. And remember, in the realm of leadership, ‘try’ is just a three-letter word standing between you and your results. Embrace the do, ditch the try, and watch your team’s X-Wings soar. Learn more about how embracing a results-oriented mindset can revolutionize your approach by visiting our site because its part of everything we do.

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Doug Bolger is the world’s foremost instructional designer for participant-driven designs. He is changing how the world works, by changing how the world learns.


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