Learning Happens on Many Levels Simultaneously


Here’s a fact that might surprise you: your brain would actually rather than learn a bunch of things at once than to learn one thing at a time. That’s how the brain learns best. Learning happens on many levels simultaneously. For example, the brain can recall more when multiple items are stored and linked. The brain operates in parallel, not sequentially. The brain thrives (builds new neural pathways) when challenged to do several things at once.

Our brain is actually far more complex than we are conscious of. A single neuron may be connected to many other neurons and the total number of neurons and connections in this neural network may be extensive. Connections, called synapses, are usually formed from axons to dendrites. As such, neural networks are extremely complex.

Think of a spider’s web. As we create learning experiences, we need to remember the importance of building each and every strand of the web – with connections through different media, different contexts, and different practices. This supports the brain in its work to index all the information received during a learning experience. The connections ensure the brain can retain and recall the information. So the best learning looks like a spider’s web – all of the principles (content) are reinforced with emotion, visuals, participant meaning, and many other connections. Each connection increases retention, recall and application.

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