Convince Management to Invest in Learning & Engagement


Convince your boss that you need to invest in Learning & Engagement with your team

Having trouble making the case to your boss to invest in learning? Here’s some help…

Times are tough. With budget cuts, lean operations, and increasing pressure to do more with less, learning & engagement seem like a “nice to have”, not a “need to have”. The numbers tell a different story.

By investing in Learning & Engagement, your team will:

– Be more engaged…and more engaged employees are 20% more productive, 40% more likely to stay with your organization. They also generate twice the revenue per employee compared to companies that don’t invest in their employees. That alone should be the kicker…and in case it’s not enough…read on…

With a focused Learning & Engagement program, your team will:

– Become business leaders not just employees

– Make better decisions by asking better questions

– Drive innovation and forward momentum – they won’t wait for YOU to do it

– Behave and talk in alignment with what is important to the organization to drive success (Engagement happens through language as much as behaviour)

– Know what is important, focus on what is important and be driven by the results THEY create

– Re-energize and think about their work, their role, and their purpose in a new way

Can you afford NOT to invest in your employees?

Before you meet with your boss…

1. Clearly identify your challenges and pain points and the real impact on the business

2. Articulate what you have tried so far and what the outcome has been

3. Know your objectives. Be clear on what you want to be different and how that will help the organization

4. Know how the proposed learning & engagement tie into existing organizational strategy and results as well as future

5. Think about how you will measure the results or the impact

6. Be flexible – come with options and different investment levels

Learn2 programs are designed to engage your team to drive organizational strategy and innovation. That way your team owns the path, they own the results, and they stick around long enough to see it through. Throughout 25 years of program development, Learn2 has helped hundreds of organizations transform results through learning and engagement. You want to partner with an organization that understands the why and the how to get better results. Call to speak with one of our Learning Strategists and begin the path to your transformation.



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Understanding yours can and will impact how effective you are when dealing with friends, co-workers and clients.

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