Learn More in Less Time with these 7 Learning Principles


Clients often ask how we make our programs so impactful; how do we achieve the results we do – winning awards in the process? The answer is a combination of proven instructional design and facilitation principles geared toward a specific outcome – the results our clients are looking for. To do that we obsessively look at how to accelerate the amount of learning and the number of connections made to the participants’ previous experience. The brains connects experiences and emotions through synapses. By making more emotional, physical, and mental connections to the learning – the learner retains more and is more likely to apply their learning. To accelerate learning be sure to incorporate these seven learning principles into your program design:

1. The learning environment empowers the learners as active participants.
2. Participants create the learning. Learning is created, not consumed.
3. The whole learner is engaged and involved to create more connections to the learning.
4. The learning happens within a context – ideally increasing the team cohesion to collaborate on how to increase performance and results. This way the learning has meaning.
5. The learning matches the adult brain’s way of storing, recalling and applying information.
6. The learning occurs with collaboration to actively engage participants and hold participants accountable for their learning.
7. Learning happens on many levels simultaneously.

We’re so convinced of this approach that we’re willing to share the knowledge. Join us for a three day; two module certificate program to learn about these principles: Accelerate & Ensure Learning. Space is limited so book your spot today! Contact us for more information.



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